Meg and Michelle Recall the Halcyon Days of the Hawksian Woman

If you had caught Addicted to Love in 1997 you might have thought Meg Ryan would be our Carole Lombard. A Hawksian Woman for the ’90s and the aughts.It didn’t quite happen that way. But after another recent viewing of A2L, I thought, “Why not?” Meg plays Maggie sexier than Stanwyck’s Sugarpuss O’Shea and more rambunctious than Katharine Hepburn’s Susan Vance.In terms of blonde ambition, charm and lethal line delivery only Michelle Pfeiffer’s Melanie Parker measured up to Maggie, though no one has subsequently challenged them for the crown. How come we haven’t had a screwball comedy queen worthy of the name in the past two decades?Meg and Michelle played screwball comedy like they were born to play it. I just can’t imagine how thrilling it would have been to see the two of them in action, sharing the same frame. Call it Bringing up One Fine Blonde Ball of Fire.Meg’s fast-talking feistiness would have driven Michelle to distraction. La Pfeiffer’s beauty and elegance would have ruffled Ryan’s amour-propre. In this scenario even Howard Hawks himself would have been driven a little screwball.



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