Addicted to Love Alternate Cast Movie Poster

When you’re living a nightmare, it’s nice to dream of what might have been. In reality Addicted to Love is not even a Michelle Pfeiffer film. Ah, but forget real life for a moment, this is the Pfeifferverse. Just lose yourself in the poster. Dream of Michelle. Sink into the illusion, and ask no questions. Goodnight everyone!

Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies

In the space of a few short weeksMyopic Pete Ramblings has fast become one of my favourite places in the blogosphere. So, what is this site all about? Well, what would movie posters look like if they featured the actors that almost got the part? So far, classics such as Ghost, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark and TheSilence of the Lambs have been given the Myopic Pete treatment. The results are inspired.Today, in a slight deviation, Addicted to Love was the film in the spotlight, with Michelle Pfeiffer joining Meg Ryan and Matthew Broderick in the cast. Michelle takes the place of Kelly Preston who played Linda, opposite Tcheky Karyo’s Anton (pictured upper left of the poster) – sorry Kelly Preston! Suffice to say I love the result. Just looking at the poster is enough to set my heart aflutter.Thank you so much…

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