Pfixating on Pfeiffer, Ruminating on Ryan

Blogathon#1The time has come! Exactly two weeks from today I’m planning to host my first (and last) blogathon. What will the subject of this blogathon be? What else but the careers of Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan: the sweet and sultry blonde duo who captured my cinematic heart over two decades ago.
I realise I may be setting myself up for a fall by proposing this, but my domain name expires in April, so it’s now or never and really what have I got to lose?
Maggie in the ParkI already know some of you have written great reviews of the films of Meg and La Pfeiffer, and it would be a thrill to read some different voices sharing their thoughts on the work of my favourite muses. I’m happy to admit that for once there is an Β element of selfishness here, as I’d like the blogosphere to share in my own (often irrational) obsession, if only for one week.
Melanie in the ParkYou don’t have to emulate Sally’s fake orgasm, or sing like Susie Diamond to join in. You just have to write about a particular performance or a favourite film, and don’t worry about doubling up, it will be fine if more than one person wants to post about Batman Returns orΒ When Harry Met Sally..
Blogathon Banner#2If you would like to participate please leave a comment on this post or e-mail me. If you just want to read all the articles, come back to the blog on Monday March 14th when the curtain will rise.

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35 responses to “Pfixating on Pfeiffer, Ruminating on Ryan

  1. Count me in! I’ve written a piece on PRELUDE TO A KISS on my blog:

  2. KG

    I will try πŸ™‚ I know i have written about a couple of their movies but have still some more.

  3. Ooh, count me in! I would love to cover Grease 2!
    Summer |

  4. This sounds like fun… I’d like to participate, let me know what to do!

    • RB, fun is exactly what I want this to be.
      I’d be thrilled if you did get involved, all you have to do is write something relating to Michelle or Meg Ryan. You can use an existing review if you like, such as your post on The Fabulous Baker Boys. If you want to write something new, even better. You can e-mail your post to me, or if you prefer post it on your own site and I’ll link back to you.
      Thanks so much for your support.

  5. Paul S,

    What…are you giving up your domain?

    I”m a bit brain dead at the moment for how I might contribute, but yeah…count me in.


    • Paul S

      My domain name expires in April and I’m in two minds whether to renew it. It’s no problem, even if the domain expires Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies will still be here.
      It would be nice if you could get involved in my Meg and Michelle blogathon, but don’t feel compelled to. Your comments and support over the years have been far more than I deserve.

      Paul S

      • Yeah, I keep wanting to see Flesh & Bone (no TV). Right now I’m grinding out my last few chapters of RidicuRyder which won’t be viewable on Blog – wrapped into book instead (with less freestyle punctuation and decent grammar). New website coming…blah, blah, blah. Our timing maybe off for this collaboration buddy.

  6. I’m in. I’ll get back to you about which one(s)

  7. Hey! I just saw this! Count me in! You know I love these two ladies so much! Not sure which to choose though.
    I think I’ll do White Oleander for Michelle. I just need to double check if I actually have it. And for Meg, I have In the Cut/In the Land of Women/Innerspace? What do you think?

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  10. It will be a shame if you disappear off the grid. Any plans to renew or do a new site. Would love to hear your thoughts on films that don’t star these beautiful talented ladies.

    • Paul S

      Lloyd thank you for your comments. I’m very sorry I didn’t authorise them sooner, I’ve been on holiday and haven’t visited the site since Monday.
      Hopefully I’ll catch up with you here and at the Lucky 13 Film Club after I’ve slept.
      Thanks again for your interest.


      • No worries Paul, I hadn’t been on your site in a while so sorry I missed your blogathon but it was very good. Thank you taking an interest in my site too and hope you had a nice holiday. Will you be interested to hear your favourite Jeff Bridges movies.

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