Birthdays, Blogathons, Blondes and New Domains

Michelle Pfeiffer celebrates her 58th birthday next week. My custom domain address may have expired yesterday, but the blog is still here and the annual Pfeiffer Pfilm Pfest will take place on April the 29th as planned.Michelle Pfilm Pfest AprilI realise it is short notice but I’d be thrilled if anyone out there wanted to help me mark the occasion. As always there are no strings and no obligations, just shared affection for my favourite blonde. Leave a comment if you’d care to share your thoughts on the Pfilm Pfest, the future of the blog or anything else Pfeifferian!



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22 responses to “Birthdays, Blogathons, Blondes and New Domains

  1. What does the film fest involve? Great to see you back Paul. I think there is something fascinating in finding new ways to write about a film repeatedly and in comparison to another. I would be interested though to sometimes hear your thoughts on a broader range of films but that would spoil the uniqueness of your site. I really liked French Kiss and Courage Under Fire for Meg and for Michelle Grease 2? Just kidding. πŸ™‚ I like One Fine Day.

  2. Actually I really love The Witches of Eastwick and think she steals the show in Batman Returns and Married to the Mob.

    • Paul S

      I agree on all three, Batman Returns and Married to the Mob would definitely be in my Pfeiffer top ten!

      • I always wanted Catwoman to come back in a third film with Keaton to complete a trilogy. Married to the Mob I think was her first real starring role where she carried the whole movie. Eastwick, Scarface and Dangerous Liaisons you can recast somebody else in that part but do that with Married to the Mob and it’s a different film.

  3. Paul S

    Nice to hear from you Lloyd.
    The pfilm pfest simply involves watching a Pfeiffer pfilm and writing something about it, all timed to coincide with la Pfeiffer’s birthday on April the 29th.
    I appreciate your comment, especially as I’m feeling a bit lost on the blogging front at the moment. You hit the spot about the uniqueness of the site. I have tried to author a general film blog in the past, but it just didn’t have the appeal of this place. After all these years Pfeiffer and Meg still light my fire!

  4. It’s good to see you’re gonna be sticking around. πŸ™‚

  5. RB

    Well I think this is absolutely Pfabulous! Michelle is my hero and I will attempt to write something in her honor.

  6. RB

    Also, love the banner at the top, from a great film!

  7. KG

    Well..what a surprise. I have my birthday coming up next week too. I knew that I shared the Taurean nature with Pfeiffer but didn’t know her birth date (even though we don’t share that, unfortunately!) I don’t remember you doing a ‘Stardust’ movie review or did I miss that? Michelle is in a negative role in that, but I still love her in that movie as much as I did in One Fine Day or What Lies Beneath or Wolf.

    • Paul S

      Your ruling planet Venus, represents love, beauty and creativity. Thus, Taurus can be an excellent cook, entertainer and artist. I don’t know if Michelle can cook, but she’s certainly the entertainer and artist.
      Now you mention it I’ve never done a review of Stardust. I do tend to pfixate on The Fabulous Baker Boys, Frankie and Johnny and One Fine Day but I might try and watch it in time for Michelle’s birthday!

  8. I am in preparation to participate, choosing films as we write….

  9. Reviewed Grease 2 and Into the Night (very briefly) – any use to you, and love to know more about the Movie Megathons and how I can get involved.

    • Welcome and thanks for your interest, your reviews would definitely be useful. The Pfeiffer Pfilm Pfest will take place this Friday in celebration of Michelle’s birthday. I’ll be sharing a post on this site and linking back to anyone else who cares to get involved. I’d love to have you on board!

  10. Don’t think there is enough on the movie – and Michelle – in my Into the Night review, so it’s up to you if you use it.

  11. RB

    Have an article drafted, not ready for prime time yet so apologies for the delay. Had a particularly horrible work week and a funeral to attend. I will get it to you in another day or so,

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