The Question

A simple question on a lazy Sunday.

Love Amongst the Sleep Deprived (Pfeiffer)Michelle Pfeiffer

10 sample films:
Dangerous Liaisons
Married to the Mob
The Fabulous Baker Boys
Frankie and Johnny
Batman Returns
The Age of Innocence
One Fine Day
What Lies Beneath
White Oleander


Maggie...Those Eyes AgainMeg Ryan

10 sample films:
When Harry Met Sally…
Joe Versus the Volcano
Prelude to a Kiss
Sleepless in Seattle
Flesh and Bone
When a Man Loves a Woman
Addicted to Love
You’ve Got Mail
Kate and Leopold
In the Cut

I can’t decide either way, but which body of work do you prefer?



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10 responses to “The Question

  1. Michelle Pfeifer all the way: She got to work with Scorsese and de Palma. Hands down two of the best directors of the last generation.

  2. Paul S,

    I find it difficult to “prefer” one’s body of work over the other. If they were both displaying their naked bodies to me, my eyes might be fascinated with one more than the other, but they would never know it…looking over their bodies of work is a little like that. Making either one uncomfortable in their “skin” is a slippery proposition (assuming either of them gives a fuck what I think).

    I have a huge admiration for both Michelle and Meg…but a quirky affinity for Meg. If they were my sisters, they would both be cooler than me, I would likely want to be more like Michelle, but Meg would know all my secrets. 🙂

    Taking their work one movie at a time, it is possible to say Meg had more shoulders in Addicted To Love than Michelle had in Scarface. Michelle had more neck swoop in the Fabulous Baker Boys than anyone I can think of. I don’t mind saying which movie I prefer over the other in a quasi-film critic way, but you can probably tell my objectivity slips off the back porch when discussing these two. This is what I really like about your site…your obvious admiration for both these wonderful women. When considering their performances alongside of one another…it’s not so much to compare, you seem to celebrate the different angles they display in their work and ask your readers to comment on what speaks to them.

    The “competition” is a slender idea that has merits and some fun in it, but on the whole Meg and Michelle are amazing…especially when cherished together as you do so well.


  3. It’s not easy to choose, that’s for sure. As I look over both of their filmographies, it strikes me anew how much influence these films have had over the next generation, much as I see elements of Breakfast at Tiffany’s in some of the Meg/Michelle classics. Just as there never was any replacement for Audrey Hepburn, I’ve yet to see an actress who can recreate what Meg and Michelle brought to the screen in the 80s/90s.

  4. Allow me to suggest this, Michelle’s list fits a Friday night in and Meg’s wins the lazy sunday afternoon slot.

  5. I probably prefer Michelle’s list of films however Meg isn’t sporting French Kiss and Courage Under Fire. Two of hers I highly regard. This is just another opinion on the internet brought to you by someone who hasn’t seen all the films listed here. 🙂

  6. It’s like choosing between vanilla ice cream and blond brownie – it’s impossible to take your pick, you need to have both….

  7. I’m not that familiar with either actress’s oeuvre, but I look forward to getting acquainted! Thanks for pointing out your favorites so I won’t feel like a dummy when I finally see these films 🙂 –Paul

  8. Oh boy, this is a tough one Paul! I’ve only seen about half of each, so I really can’t pick. But if I must, I guess on the long run I prefer watching Le Pfeiffer because I think she’s more versatile than Ryan, in my opinion anyway. I think Ryan seems to have retired by now.

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  10. Good question! I have to give Michelle Pfeiffer the edge. For me, Pfeiffer has more varied performances and I think her resume holds stronger movies.
    Meg Ryan does have a few classics in her resume, especially Sleepless in S & When Harry Met Sally…
    In the end, I think we can just enjoy the work of both women.

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