New York, New York

Whenever I’m asked which city I’d most like to live in I always say Paris. Mainly because I have an obsessive attraction to everything French, even though my knowledge of the language remains minimal. As far as being a lover of all things artistic goes, though, I’d probably choose New York in a heartbeat.
Circle Line New YorkWhen it comes to this site Meg Ryan seems to have the monopoly on New York. It probably makes sense, because she’s lived there for years, and her characters exude that sense of zany neuroses that people tend to associate with the city, Addicted to Love‘s Maggie more than most.liptastic-maggieDespite my affinity for Maggie, it isn’t Meg who I turn to first when I hear the name of the city, I turn to Michelle. Not just as a fan of Pfeiffer’s fabulous comedic cadence, but because I really do believe that One Fine Day is one of the finest New York movies of the nineties.
Melanie (Michelle Pfeiffer)One Fine Day may be a bauble. A beautiful, enjoyable and insignificant bauble, but it’s ultimately a rewarding experience. For me, its themes effectively evoke that gritty realness, bathed in the sort of magical sheen that best encapsulates the cities larger than life aura. Plus, the film’s most iconic scene – as far as I’m concerned – takes place at the Bethesda Fountain. And what could be more symbolic of New York than Central Park?Bethesda FountainIn contrast to the dark and disturbed SoHo of Addicted to LoveOne Fine Day revels in New York City at its appealing best. From the Circle Line to the 21 club to Radio City Music Hall, cinematographer Oliver Stapleton lingers on the locations, capturing the essence of one of the most photogenic cities on earth.New York (One Fine Day)In truth, as much as I’d be interested in seeing New York for the tourist attractions, if I do end up there I’ll probably divide my time between the cinema and the locations of my favourite movies, or maybe I’ll do like Jane Fonda and go barefoot in the park.
Central ParkI don’t know. New York seems a perfect tourist’s paradise. I’m a reluctant tourist at heart, but I do so want to go there.
Are there any New Yorkers reading?



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12 responses to “New York, New York

  1. RB

    NYC is on my bucket list – never been there, even though I live in the US. I think you’re really going to enjoy “Kate and Leopold”. I will probably watch again later this afternoon. It just floors me that I missed this movie the first time – then again, 2001 was in the middle of a stretch of years where I saw almost no movies.

    • Reading your post I realised it’s been far too long since I last watched Kate And Leopold, I’ll definitely be treating myself to the Blu-ray.
      You know I really envy you getting to enjoy these films for the first time. Have a nice weekend my friend!

  2. What Kate & Leopold has in common with One Fine Day is a raw honesty about life and what we do in that life to be happy.

  3. KG

    Everyone is making me miss Kate & Leopold 😦 Have to find time to watch it again. 🙂

  4. Not a New Yorker, but I go there regularly for theatre and restaurants. There’s no city like it in the world. You must go!

  5. No I’m not a New Yorker!! Never even been there. 😦 !! But I’d love to visit it!! Most of the Best Romantic comedies are set there, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Annie Hall, When Harry met Sally …. et al!! ❤
    I love Paris too. Miss that beautiful city!! 🙂

  6. I love Meg Ryan New York films. The films themselves are almost a love letter to the city.

    I went to New York once, many years ago, and fell in love with it. It has such vibrancy and history – and so many interesting people! It’s expensive, but it is worth it. 🙂

  7. I’ve always wanted to go to New York, blame it on the movies. 70s New York skylines just always attracted to me. The older I got the more history I learnt, the more tourist attractions I wanted to get to, the more culture I wanted to tske in. Chicago, LA, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia Washington DC have all featured in film but New York shines brightest. The New York of One Fine Day let alone Manhattan or Ghostbusters is long gone and yet I’m with you Paul, I still long to one day see the lights of New York City.

    • I’m sure you’re right, America changes so fast, most of the movies I love are a time capsule of an America that no longer exists.
      One exception might be West Texas, the location for No Country for Old Men and Flesh and Bone, two films that have haunted me for years. It’s probably too hot and barren for my taste, so I’ll stick with New York as my preferred destination. Maybe one fine day I’ll make it there!

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