“I Might as well Face it!”

Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney. Is there any modern screen couple more iconic? You’d think that having these two gorgeous creatures of Hollywood team up would provide some sensational big budget, eye candy of sorts? Well, yes, up to a point. One Fine Day features Clooney and Michelle as two stressed, single parent divorcees, who become entangled in each other’s lives over the course of a fateful day, that will inevitably end nicely.
Jack and MelanieIt’s no secret, I am smitten with Ms. Pfeiffer; and though Clooney isn’t really my cup of tea, he’s effortlessly charismatic here. One Fine Day successfully walks the fine line between comedy and romance that is often so difficult to get right. Incidentally the same can be said for Addicted to Love, another forgotten nineties movie set in New York. I’ve watched both films countless times over the years and I can’t think of one without thinking of the other.
Crazy MaggieOne Fine Day is most definitely a romantic comedy, of the kind that will make you feel happy without insulting your intelligence. But what genre is Addicted to Love? An anti rom-com or sophisticated dark comedy? Sure, there are lots of one-liners, but that alone isn’t enough to make it a comedy. Certainly not when it features one of Meg Ryan’s rare conniving characters.Deset Island ChickMeg ditches her usual sparkle, to play the aggressive, flamboyantly garbed Maggie. Caked in mascara, with a penchant for drowning her sorrows in whisky, she’s the antithesis of Pfeiffer’s Melanie. A cross between Edie Sedgwick and Catwoman, a scorned, streetwise siren whose rage is off the Richter Scale.Edie Sedgwick crossed with CatwomanWith Pfeiffer and Ryan carrying the load for the majority of their films both directors have an easy task. Michael Hoffman’s light touch ensures One Fine Day remains amiably frenzied, and the pacing and the New York locations are excellent. You wouldn’t think two people talking could be so gripping, but it is. Of course, it all depends on the chemistry of George and Michelle. Naturally, they’ve got it. Watching these two go at is a treat. They form a delicious combination, and it’s a joy to just sit back and enjoy the sparks that keep flying between.
MelPerhaps the end result is unrealistic, but even in something as “trite” as a romantic comedy Michelle is always ready to emote, and provide a few zingers here and there to lighten the mood. When it comes to Melanie and Maggie my heart is torn, between two beautiful, bruised egos, lost in a city of wounded souls. If I had the chance, I’d probably choose to be shipwrecked on a desert island with Pfeiffer’s beautiful perfectionist, rather than Ryan’s deranged biker chick. But, then again, dare I risk the vengeance of Maggie?



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13 responses to ““I Might as well Face it!”

  1. RB

    Two actresses who could generate chemistry with a stapler if they had to.

  2. Deranged Biker Chick. 😈

  3. I adore One Fine Day but can’t say I remember much about Addicted to Love, not exactly my fave role of Meg Ryan’s.

    • I’ve become addicted to posting about One Fine Day. It might sound ridiculous, but I had a shocking day yesterday, and putting this post up last night really helped my mood.
      As for Addicted to Love I’m probably blinded by just how attractive Meg Ryan was. Having read your Sam Riley posts, I’m sure you’ll understand my sometimes irrational obsessions!

      • Ahah, I totally understand Paul! I actually haven’t done a proper tribute for him which I should do soon.

        Meg is always attractive, but that’s not her strongest role. But La Pfeiffer is sublime in One Fine Day. I’m not a big Clooney fan so I watched that one just for her!

  4. I think this blog idea is great. I have seen many Meg Movies. I don’t see a “search” button on your site. Was looking for a review of 1988’s “D.O.A.” with Dennis Quaid. Have you posted about that one? I had to see it when it came out because I like the 1950 B/W film of the same name (and basic premise) with Edmund O’Brian.
    Thanks for stopping by and liking a couple of my posts recently and for your kind comment.

    • Welcome and thanks for the kind words.
      I’ve now added a “search” button, but sadly you won’t find a review of “D.O.A.” on the site, it’s one of the Meg Movies I’m saving for a future post. It’s been many years since I last watched it, but I do have fond memories of Meg’s character Sydney, and her Freudian slip!

  5. I’ve not seen either of these. I think I’ve avoided “One Fine Day” because I feel George Clooney is sometimes hit and miss – there are times he’s brilliant, and times when he’s less so. However, it sounds like he’s cast well in this film.

    As for “Addicted to Love”, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it. Will have to track it down. Thanks! 🙂

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