“You’re Blaming Your Peter Pan Complex on Your Mother?”… My Never-Ending Review of One Fine Day

What’s the measure of a great movie? Perhaps the fact that after a hundred viewings it still has an effect on the viewer. If so, then Michelle Pfeiffer’s One Fine Day can be counted among the greats.Clooney Plays the FoolThe formula is familiar: two people meet, argue a lot, fall in love, and spend the rest of the movie denying their feelings. In the bustling Big Apple, those two people are Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney, who play a pair of single, working parents who are thrown together when their children miss a field trip.
Career Woman Single MotherThroughout the day, wacky complications continually arise to throw our couple off balance; and keep the romantic tension building, as their mutual resistance crumbles. Director Michael Hoffman excels at this kind of lightweight material, and throws in every element guaranteed to move the audience in some way or another, be it cute kittens, precocious children, catchy songs or beautiful New York locations.I know your name MelOver the years One Fine Day has been maligned as an aggressive (and less smart) version of You’ve Got Mail. It actually pre-dates Norah Ephron’s feature by a couple of years, and even without the eternally sunshiney Meg Ryan, it’s still one of the decade’s finest. Shaped from a delightful screenplay by Terrell Selzer and Ellen Simon, the film finds a personality of its own in the familiar.
Gorgeous GeorgeI cannot overstress how much One Fine Day depends on Clooney and Pfeiffer, who develop a flirtatious rapport worthy of Tracey and Hepburn. Every moment they share is magical, and the prelude to their long awaited first kiss is delicious. They’re having fun, and if the movie works for you, it will be because of them.A SecretOne Fine Day is one of those films given the derogatory “chick-flick” moniker, and upon hearing those words we’re expected to see women crying for no reason, or going after ridiculous promises of love, but Michelle refuses to conform.the-wrong-result (2)I have to admit that circa 1997 I was more taken with Meg Ryan than I was with Pfeiffer, but watching Michelle’s poised dignity and breezy insouciance now, I’m not sureven Meg, for all her charm, could have done a better job of lighting a fire under Clooney.Dinosaur T ShirtMichelle works like the muses in Greek mythology, as she lures me to my cinematic doom. I’m in awe of this woman, but I’m sure she’d baulk at this plethora of words with no structure. I suppose I’m just incapable of writing a coherent review of One Fine Day, but everything is fine, and my Peter Pan complex is just something I’m going to have to come to terms with.



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7 responses to ““You’re Blaming Your Peter Pan Complex on Your Mother?”… My Never-Ending Review of One Fine Day

  1. Reminds me that I haven’t seen One Fine Day in quite a time. Should tee it up, once more. 😉

    • Come to think on it, what if Michelle and George had an onscreen reunion (as Catwoman and you-know-who) in the 1997 disaster that was Batman and Robin? Yikes!!!

  2. DenVenture..!

    Great analysis Paul… One fine day is still one of my all time favorite movies.. the beauty of the movie is that its not a comedy movie, but it is… its not a romance movie, but it is… great script work and yeah George and Michelle painted it to perfection…

  3. It’s interesting how you mentioned “Tracey and Hepburn”, whilst another Hepburn came to my mind while reading this. In a way, ‘One Fine Day’, is like a ‘Roman Holiday’, set in New York! It’s one long day!! Only, unlike ‘Roman Holiday’, this movie doesn’t end, as a, one day fling.
    I don’t think this is a chick flick, by the way. Chick flicks are for giggly headed teenage girls; ‘One Fine Day’ is way more than that. And ‘Roman Holiday’ even better.
    And the comparison to ‘You’ve Got Mail’, nah!! ‘You’ve Got Mail’, is pretty good, but ‘One Fine Day’ was excellent!!!! I loved it. Loved Clooney! Loved Pfeiffer! Loved the kids!! Loved everything about it!!!
    Of course!!!! you’d be in awe of this woman (in your case anyway I suppose 😉 )
    Nice review.
    Since you are such a fan of Meg Ryan and Pfeiffer; why not write something about them (like a mini-bio-pic), and how YOU came to love them (from when you 1st saw them, at what age, till now; your own romance with these two screen idols)!! Just an idea!! 🙂

    • You are very welcome Paul!! I’m glad I made your day. Roman Holiday was Hepburn’s very 1st movie (though not the first released), and her very natural debut performance won her an Oscar!!!
      Not all Rom-coms are chick flicks (most chick flicks tend to have romantic elements, thus confused with Romantic Comedies). Movies like, It Happened One Night, Ariane, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Annie Hall, When Harry met Sally, Nothing Hill, Prime, etc etc …. are not chick flicks, but Romantic Comedies, meant for a broader audience. Chick Flicks are just a silly sad excuse, accidentally known as rom-coms!!! 🙂

  4. I agree, Paul, that George and Michelle have the chemistry of Tracey and Hepburn. Nice analogy. I’ve always thought of George as a modern version of Cary Grant. Michelle is breathtaking. Even now she’s gorgeous. What genes! What talent!

  5. I saw Roman Holiday as a kid and really enjoyed it. Even after all these reviews I found your point about Michelle over Meg quite insightful and new.

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