The Great, Unmade Michelle Pfeiffer Romantic Comedy: Breakfast at the Apartment

Manhattan, 1956. Maggie leads a double life. By day she is Fran Kubelik (Meg Ryan), an elevator girl for The Consolidated Life Insurance Company, spending her time ferrying executives up and down a large office building. By night she’s Maggie, an authentic American geisha, dressed up and hitting the town with glamorous Bohemian Holly Golightly (Michelle Pfeiffer), a sparkling socialite who cavorts with the well-heeled in limousines.
Fran, C.C. Baxter and HollyBoth girls are entangled in trysts with married men. Fran, is involved with charismatic Consolidated executive Jeff D. Sheldrake (George Clooney), the object of the affections of a myriad of secretaries and support staff in the building. Holly is having a fling with Park Avenue high-flyer Dex Dexter (Dennis Quaid) who happens to appear one night at a party at her friend’s apartment.
clooney-as-sheldrakeTo complicate things further, Fran and Holly carry on their affairs at the same flat, owned by Consolidated office drone C.C. Baxter (Matthew Broderick), who is secretly in love with Fran Kubelik. But when Baxter comes home one night and sets eyes on Holly Golightly leaving the building with Dex Dexter, he instantly becomes smitten with her, little realising that she and Fran are bosum buddies…
holly-and-sheldrakeI waste far too much time thinking about what might have been, specifically Meg and Michelle in one of Billy Wilder’s dark romantic comedies. Confusing in their morality, hilariously funny, and romantic in a way that’ll put a smile on your face, and a thought in your mind. I can’t imagine any modern director taking something as generic as a rom-com, giving it a spin you hardly notice, and providing something that looks classic, yet feels fresh, and manages to be both!
Fran and Sheldrakes limo rideAs One Fine Day proved Pfeiffer and Clooney are a match made in film heaven, Michelle’s a natural comedienne and she’d have been the perfect foil for Meg’s mettlesome Maggie. Filled with hilarious gags, and characters I’d die to meet, Breakfast at the Apartment would have been a true joy to watch. But as “Moon River” signalled the end the movie, who’d have been saying “Shut up and deal”?



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18 responses to “The Great, Unmade Michelle Pfeiffer Romantic Comedy: Breakfast at the Apartment

  1. This sounds wonderful. I’m a little confused…is this one that was never made? I’ve tried to look it up but come up with…nothing. Sorry if I’m being obtuse…maybe just too much of not thinking this wonderful Sunday.

    • Sorry you had a fruitless search. Breakfast at the Apartment is a fantasy film, a mash-up of The Apartment and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, with Meg Ryan subbing for Shirley MacLaine and Michelle Pfeiffer slipping into Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress.
      Enjoy what’s left of your Sunday!

      • Ah…somehow I had a teeny suspicion it might have been something along those lines but you wrote it so vividly that I couldn’t but wonder if it was just a real one. Oh what a wonderful film it would be 😉
        Lovely post!

  2. Hey this looks like a fun movie….I’m in:) if I can find it

  3. Hahahaha you’re a trip Paul😂

  4. Great post 🙂 The mashup of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with The Apartment actually works on so many levels when one takes into account that one of them could be acerbic at times (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) and the other could be well pretty acerbic (The Apartment) and it makes sense. Despite the fact that Blake Edwards directed Breakfast at Tiffany’s, sometimes one wonders If when the film was being made, Edwards had a Billy Wilder-ish streak behind it. Only an educated or uneducated guess though 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

  5. Paul, wow, this may be one of your most inventive yet. That first paragraph was an unmitigated delight.
    Apologies for not having been online much, this is a fairly normal pattern for fall. Family and football. When the regular season is over and the weather turns dreary, you’ll hear more than you want to from RB. 🙂

  6. You’re too kind RB. I do miss you around the place, but I’m sure Michelle would agree, family and football should always come before Pfeiffer!

  7. Oh I love this movie. What year did it come out again?

  8. Ha!! This would have been a great April Fool’s prank on your Blog!! It’s very believable (I did something similar, as an April Fool’s Joke once)
    None the less, I love your concept. It’s a great idea for a modern day Rom-com!! Something missing today!! Of course I’d have a bit of twist in it 😉

    • I probably should have saved this for April Fools Day, I’m just glad you enjoyed it.

      P.S. Feel free to reveal your twist!

      • In the scene, C.C. Baxter sees Holly Golightly leaving the building with Dex Dexter, I’ll have Baxter fall for Dexter instead!! Gay twist, Ha!! 😉
        Baxter (bisexual, wasn’t aware of his feeling for men, till he sees Dexter), and Dexter (secretly gay, but married to cover up who he is)!! This could be the sub-plot!! Welcome to the 21st century!!
        Of course I’d have somebody more likable than Dennis Quaid!! Maybe even African-American or Indian, otherwise the show looks to Caucasian for today!! Not that there is anything wrong!! But I’d like it to be more international (unless set in the 50’s itself)!!!
        The rest of the cast is brilliant, George Clooney, Meg n’ Michelle, of course!! 😀

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