10 Thoughts I Had, While Watching One Fine Day on Meg Ryan’s Birthday

The following post is brought to you by flight BE7355 from Milan to Manchester in which sandwiched in-between two strangers, I dared to (re)watch this Michelle Pfeiffer misfire on the occasion of Maggie’s birthday. Let’s begin…
new-york-morningAppropriately, One Fine Day takes its title from the famous aria Un bel di from Puccini’s Madame Butterfly. It also bears the very distinct ‘honour’ of being my first Michelle Pfeiffer Blu-ray purchase.
eye-rollMichelle rolls her eyes constantly. I counted half a dozen eye-rolls in about as many minutes. I imagine this to be La Pfeiffer’s own running commentary track.
whatMichelle Pfeiffer is hilarious… in a subtle way. Even the way she exclaims “what” is funny. Here is reminder that La Pfeiffer missed a golden opportunity when she opted to turn down quality comedy scripts post Married to the Mob.
maggie-and-melanieMichelle’s a natural with children. Alex D. Linz is a pain, but Mae Whitman (playing Maggie, Jack Taylor’s daughter) is very touching in her innocence. I’d actually forgotten that she played one of Meg Ryan’s daughters in When a Man Loves A Woman. Mae and Michelle share a couple of endearing scenes, as Pfeiffer gently plies Maggie about her father’s romantic entanglements.
dnaHow does Michelle still look so fine even while utterly dishevelled? Her DNA is magical.
michelle-watching-george-watching-herWhenever I watch this film everything reminds me of something else. At one point Michelle’s banter with Clooney is interrupted as he flirts with a girl on a motorcycle and my mind immediately raced to Addicted to Love and biker chick Maggie…
biker-babe-maggieThe mother on the moped is played by Suzan Anbeh, the “goddess” Juliette from French Kiss. Her scene is far too brief, blink and you’ll miss her. Nevertheless, I did enjoy watching Michelle watch George watching her.
clooney-chemistryCharisma is key and Michelle Pfeiffer has it by the gallon. She was always expert at selling romance. Martin Scorsese once called her ‘our greatest romantic actress’ and she never lacks for chemistry with Clooney.
dolled-upAnd then there’s the ‘getting ready for the date’ montage. You’ve seen it in movies a thousand times before, but most don’t begin to measure up to the scene in One Fine Day where Melanie freshens up for Jack, only to find he’s fallen asleep on the couch. Do you remember that?
celiaThe intermittent “conflict” between Michelle and office vamp Celia (Amanda Peet) is delicious, although Meg Ryan’s fast-talking Maggie would have been the perfect foe for Melanie Parker. I can only dream of the fireworks from the caustic one-liners, but Michelle must reign as the most beautiful blonde in the frame. It’s the pfirst law of Pfeiffer.

birthdayHappy Birthday Meg!


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9 responses to “10 Thoughts I Had, While Watching One Fine Day on Meg Ryan’s Birthday

  1. I promise, I promise, I promise, one day (soon) I will get around to watching One Fine Day.

  2. Paul S.

    I’ve been snoozing on WP for a stretch….

    Yes, George has a wandering playful eye. What if he did glimpse Meg on a motorbike? What if it was her birthday? I’d like to think Michelle would have been gracious and….


  3. Great post 🙂 I completely forgot about that one scene in One Fine Day where Clooney’s character eyes a motorcycle girl and in the context of films with Meg Ryan, Addicted to Love is a film that comes to mind 🙂 I agree that it would have been fascinating to see a film that teamed up Michelle Pfeiffer with Meg Ryan 🙂 For lovers of contemporary romantic comedy, it would have been their equivalent of the teaming of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi in the horror genre with The Black Cat (1934) and The Body Snatcher (1945). In other words, an on-screen collaboration made in heaven 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

  4. You still manage to get new life out of this movie, I enjoyed your post.

  5. Guess whats on tv next week.. this film. So now you’ve sold it to me again, my next very important task is to watch it… will keep you posted on this endeavour!

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