12 Days of Maggie, Melanie and Mistletoe!

Christmas is a time for the familiar. For songs, decorations and Criterion Collection films as presents. It’s also a time for reflection and a requisite holiday viewing of One Fine Day, which celebrates its 20th birthday next week.
bethesda-fountainCertain films are able to transport you to a certain place no matter what the time of year. No film does this better or more regularly than One Fine Day.
melanie-tiptoesNo doubt a native New Yorker would scoff when I say that this is the New York of my dreams. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are nowhere to be seen. This is Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney as the handsomest couple alive. They may not meet atop the Empire State Building, but this is still an affair to remember.
screen-capturesClooney sweeping Michelle off her feet in Central Park captures the very essence of what it is to have a New York moment. To connect with someone in an oversized village green, slap bang in the middle of The City That Never Sleeps. It’s a fantasy and reality at the same time.
Prelude to a KissIf you’re looking for another moment that’s genuinely charming, you must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss. Well, maybe in Casablanca. Movie kisses come in all shapes and sizes however, and the kiss at the end of this film is heaven-sent.
the-kissTo me the magic of the Clooney and Pfeiffer kiss doesn’t really happen with the kiss itself. It happens in the prelude. Building the tension is what it’s all about. If those moments before the kiss aren’t good, the kiss won’t be good either.
maggie-squirmsMaybe that’s why I’m constantly struck by the kiss Sam (Matthew Broderick) and Maggie share in Addicted to Love.
C'mon KissAs she puckers up for a photograph, Maggie wriggles and squirms because she’s unsure what will happen next. There’s obviously chemistry between her and Sam, so when their lips finally meet, it’s electric. And that’s how romantic comedies get you. They need that moment, because when it’s done right, when a rom-com is honest; it connects in ways little else in cinema can.
bourbon-induced-hazeI’ll undoubtedly spend Christmas night in a turkey and bourbon induced haze, wishing for a moment alone with Maggie underneath the mistletoe. A kiss from a woman scorned could be deadly, but I’d be willing to take the risk. For it’s a fact that Maggie’s tie-dye dress was the cat’s meow, and if I can’t dream of a Christmas filled with Maggie, Melanie and merriment, what hope do I have?



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25 responses to “12 Days of Maggie, Melanie and Mistletoe!

  1. How true…the kiss is nothing if the anticipation hasn’t been built up. And the honesty with which it hits you when it happens. Wonderful post.
    As for the Blogathon…I just can’t resist so count me in! I guess this means I should push One Fine Day to the top of my To Watch list and get watching 😉 But that’s perfect for this time of the year with everything winding down.
    I see Jerry Maguire also just turned 20 this month…amazing how time flies. I clearly remember these movies coming out on the big screen as if it was yesterday.

    • Time certainly does fly. Maybe it’s sentiment that clouds my judgement when it comes to One Fine Day.
      Thanks for the interest in the blogathon. I didn’t want One Fine Day’s birthday to pass without mention, so I thought I’d tease the idea to see how much interest there is in marking the event. Please don’t feel compelled to get involved, at the moment it might just be you and me!

      • Absolutely not (compelled)…I only join in when the topic grabs me. So let me just say this…guess what I’m busy watching (and purely because I want to – I can’t watch a movie that doesn’t appeal)? So far I’m enjoying it…once again, thanks for recommending a movie that would have passed me by (or did, until now). Am seeing George Clooney in a different light…
        On the topic of anniversaries…it was also Jerry Maguire’s 20th yesterday.

  2. Yes, lovely romantic scenes. I liked Kate and Leopold when it came out. Did you like it?

    • Can you believe I still haven’t seen Kate & Leopold? Meg and I went our separate ways in that period!

      • Aah…I’ve seen one you haven’t. 😀

      • Time for a reunion. I love Hugh Jackman. He is my ideal man. I bet you will love it. It’s cute.

      • RB

        Hey Paul, I don’t want to seem pushy but you have simply got to see Kate and Leopold. We don’t know one another and live on separate continents yet I would bet everything I have that you would enjoy this movie. Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman are the reasons why some already intriguing material was uplifted and made into magic. See it. Again I am promising you won’t be disappointed… and the magic of this movie fits in so well with the magic of the season.

        • Hey RB, a pleasure to hear from you. I do fully intend to watch Kate & Leopold, have done ever since your post here back in May. After a hectic few weeks I’m now in the fortunate position of having 10 days off work. So once Tuesday’s One Fine Day Blogathon is out of the way, I’ll be able to catch up on some movies.
          Best wishes to you and yours.

  3. Great post 🙂 I love it that you mention Criterion films as christmas presents in that opening paragraph 🙂 Songs, decorations and Criterion Collection films is what makes my Christmas as well 🙂 I would also add in DVD/Blu-rays made by Shout Factory as well 🙂 One thing I constantly love about your comparisons of One Fine Day and Addicted to Love is that when I read these posts I can’t help but think of some of the great Golden Age directors who specialized in this type of genre like Leo McCarey, Ernst Lubitsch, Preston Sturges, Frank Capra and countless others 🙂 By now, I think it goes without saying that comedy (whether it be romantic, screwball or sophisticated) is a cinematic art form. I also love your closing paragraph as well which is funny, sincere and sweet at the same time 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    • Thank you for your insightful and supportive comments on my posts this year. It means a lot to me that people are on the same wavelength as I am when it comes to films like One Fine Day and Addicted to Love.
      How I would to have seen Pfeiffer and Ryan under the direction of the great Golden Age directors you mention. I think Meg, Michelle and myself were definitely born too late.
      I’ve just had a look at the Shout Factory website. They’ve got some cracking releases: I’d be more than happy to find Electra Glide in Blue, Escape from New York, Southern Comfort or The Pope of Greenwich Village in my Christmas stocking.

      • You are more than quite welcome 🙂 Shout Factory puts out a lot of releases where you need a Region 1 DVD/Blu-Ray player (I live in America, so my country counts as Region 1), nevertheless, you could probably order some of these titles If you have a multi-region DVD/Blu-Ray player. Nevertheless, their is a DVD/Blu-Ray company that operates in the UK called “Arrow Films” and they are similar to Shout Factory in terms of their titles. Arrow Films in the UK may own some of these titles. It is no guarantee, but the reason I believe that they own some of the titles is because Phantom of the Paradise was released here on Blu-Ray/DVD by Shout Factory and in the UK , Arrow Films released it on Blu-Ray/DVD. Arrow Films also released David Cronenberg’s Rabid in the UK which is a Shout Factory release here in the USA. Nevertheless, If any of the titles you just mentioned are not available on Arrow Films, I am sure they will be in the future or by some other company. Once again, keep up the great work as always 🙂

        • Thanks again John. I am lucky enough to have a multi-region DVD/BluRay player, the only trouble is I’ve amassed so many titles I have to have a periodic clear out before I buy any more.

  4. How lucky was Michelle to lock lips with a prime George Clooney? Meg must have been green with envy!

  5. Hi Paul…your big Blogathon day has arrived! As has One Fine Day’s Birthday. So, as promised, here is my bit for your Blogathon: https://thoughtsallsorts.wordpress.com/2016/12/20/one-fine-day
    As soon as your Blogathon is “live” I’ll point the banner to your post.
    Thanks so much for having me. I thoroughly enjoyed watching One Fine Day! Now, finally, I know One Fine Day and not only Addicted to Love. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  6. Maggie’s dress is a fine dress and she wears it well but I probably never wanted to be Batman more than when he was under that mistletoe.

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