I’m Missing Maggie, Mint Juleps, Motivation and My Girl Friday

So, recently, you may have noticed I’ve had nothing to say. I’ve been bobbing around the waters of WordPress, it’s just that words continue to fail me. I’m fried. tired, flattened… waiting for something to spin in my head or my heart.
So now I’m sitting in a bathysphere… my eyes are closed and I’m dreaming, diving into the depths. To a cinematic screwball sea world, where gorgeous, witty Maggie and haughty Melanie Parker meet to slug bourbon and argue circles around Jack Taylor and each other. Where Cool Hand Luke plays The Cincinnati Kid at five card stud. Where Jack Baker plays piano forΒ Slim Browning and Susie Diamond, all under the watchful eye of Howard Hawks and Billy Wilder.After I’ve visited my own dreamland and taken a few days to revive and refuel, I’ll be back, to announce The Addicted to Screwball Blogathon… The spirit of Maggie and screwball comedy is still alive, I tell you, it’s still alive!!



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18 responses to “I’m Missing Maggie, Mint Juleps, Motivation and My Girl Friday

  1. RB

    Yes… it’s alive! Enjoy some time to yourself, we will all be here when you return!

  2. Enjoy the wonders of the depth in which your mind may sink and your heart is floating. When you’re ready to swim back, your hand will set sail and inspire once again. ☺

  3. I had to look up bathysphere πŸ™‚ Awesome writing, as always! –Paul

  4. Everyone need a break sometimes, but the great thing is usually one returns completely revitalised again. And everyone will still be here as well 😊

  5. You’re hysterical. I’ve never seen anyone more devoted to two film stars. So you are hosting a blogathon? What is the criteria?

    • Hi Cindy, nice to hear from you. My passion for Maggie (and Michelle) still burns bright and I’m hoping to celebrate Addicted to Love’s 2oth birthday with a blogathon in May.
      I’m still weighing up the options, but rather than focusing on just Addicted to Love I’ll probably widen the criteria to any screwball comedy, from the classic era to date. I’m not kidding myself that anybody will be interested, so I’ll test the water and see. As Dirty Harry said “A man’s got to know his limitations!”

  6. I think we all have the “flat” and tired periods with blogging. Did you know? Without even trying, you’ve written a wonderful post!
    Take as long as you need…it is not about quantity but about writing when the inspiration strikes. See you when you get back!

  7. Great post πŸ™‚ How ambitious do you think this blogathon about Addicted to Love and various screwball comedies of the golden age will be for you? Sounds like a labor of love. Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚

    • It would be a blast to read a bunch of different voices mulling over the same topic all in one day. Just to shake up the blog and keep everyone on their toes, I’d love to see multiple takes on Addicted to Love. There is an element of self-service here as well, I will admit because I do want the blogosphere focused on my own (sometimes irrational) obsession for just one (fine) day.
      If have any blogathon thoughts/ideas please feel free to drop me a line!

  8. Looking forward to the screwball comedies! My favorites πŸ™‚

  9. Your festival last year was a hit.

  10. Are you seriously hosting a Screwball Comedy Blogathon? I’m in!

    • Definitely. I’m still working on the details but I will be hosting a Screwball Comedy Blogathon on May 23rd. You’re welcome to write about any film you like, it would be an honour to have you on board!

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