What Could Possibly be Left to say, After Watching Addicted to Love and One Fine Day on Groundhog Day?

Last Friday was a fine day. My first time off sick from work in I don’t know how long. The chance to spend a whole day in my pyjamas, make a bowl of pasta and a pot of coffee and treat myself to a three-movie-marathon. Joy to the world.I must have watched One Fine Day and Addicted to Love more than 50 times. Each time I watch them, I am convinced there is nothing more to discover and, each time, I’m wrong. The third film in my marathon was, appropriate given the date, Harold Ramis’s brilliantly imaginative, Groundhog Day.Groundhog Day made me sit up and smile, it’s something special, although I do think it would have been an even better film without Andie MacDowell. She’s appealing enough, but her chemistry with Bill Murray isn’t exactly smouldering.Maybe I’m in the minority, but I would have preferred it if Michelle Pfeiffer had played Phil Conners’ beautiful, sarcastic producer, or maybe Phil should have fallen head over heels for the bewitchingly pretty Meg Ryan in Punxsutawney?Now I think about it; 90’s vintage Pfeiffer and Ryan make a near-symmetrical contrast to each other. One a pert, perky American Sweetheart, the Queen of cute-o-rama. The other a poised, intelligent and gracious grand dame of acting.Michelle’s movies are like medicine to me. They’ve become a kind of booster shot. When I have a specific ailment, I prescribe myself a dose of the Pfeiffer. Friday was a One Fine Day kind of day. I don’t know why, but I know I needed it.Played side by side, One Fine Day and Addicted to Love engaged in a nice tug-of-war as they strove to capture the pulse of a genuine screwball comedy. Watching Meg and Michelle paying homage to Rosalind Russell and Jean Arthur, was like a Cupid’s arrow straight to my heart, a heady cocktail of love and laughter.Screwball sensibility is a rare gift, you either have it or you’ve had it. Pfeiffer and Ryan had it in different ways, but they both commanded the screen. Their sea of talent was deep and wide in the face of that great equalizer, the camera lens.So will I ever see their like again? My feeling is that it’s like asking if we’ll ever have another Mozart. The product of a special time simply cannot be replicated.I am disappointed by this thought, but I think I should embrace it. It makes their art unique, unquenchable. Watching my “twin muses” perform is a joy. Maybe I should be content with their greatness rather than dream of their duplication.



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31 responses to “What Could Possibly be Left to say, After Watching Addicted to Love and One Fine Day on Groundhog Day?

  1. Groundhog Day…truly a classic that never gets old 😊😊 One really has to wonder what this film would have looked like if Pfeiffer would have played this role. I think she would have been perfect for it. Great post! 😊

  2. He he. Your posts always make me smile. I have yet to see Groundhog Day but if it features in a post with One Fine Day and Addicted to Love then it is definitely something I need to see. But yes, I think the time of these wonderful movies is over but I often go back and watch this special genre. Have a lovely weekend and hope you are feeling better.

    • I think you’d enjoy Groundhog Day. 1993 was a great year at the movies wasn’t it? What with Jurassic Park, The Age of Innocence, Judgment Night, Sleepless in Seattle, Flesh and Bone, Carlito’s Way, Falling Down… I could go on and on!

      • Oh yes! What a year – adding What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Tombstone, The Piano, The Nightmare Before Christmas and…and..and…
        Need I mention that Age of Innocence starred our respective favourites… 😉

  3. I think Michelle would have been awesome in Groundhog Day.

  4. Love both Meg and Michelle and have never seen these movies. Will definitely look them up!

  5. That is such a cool idea – I hate Andie McDowall in this and she really annoyed me in 4 Weddings and a Funeral too (to name just one), you hit the nail on the head in recasting it!

  6. I tell you what I would have loved a 35-40 year old Jennifer Garner playing off Bill Murray. Jen Aniston held her own against Jim Carrey which Roger Ebert pointed out is quite an achievement. Certainly I would have been happy to see Sigourney Weaver paired with him again. Maybe Holly Hunter. How about Annette Benning because she’s so damn good and you know what Meryl Streep would’ve been great in this. Susan Sarandon? Marisa Tomei? Emma Thomson? Jodie Foster? Robin Wright? You know who would’ve been great?! Madeleine Stowe! Yeah you know it. Maybe Meg Ryan but definitely not Michelle Pfeiffer, no way in hell I’m buying that. Sorry Bill. As for stars like them in our time, sure there’s people like that now. Actresses in those types of roles but that don’t change the fact there’s only ever been one Michelle and one Meg.

  7. I hope your one fine day of resting up to a healthy dose of Michelle and Meg has served its purpose and that you are feeling well again Paul. It’s been a while since I watched Groundhog Day, but it’s a movie I’ll never forget, who could? Well..then again who could? Oh wait, I just said that didn’t I..hm..but yes I have to agree, that as charming as Andie MacDowell played Rita, I wasn’t swayed by their chemistry. It felt a little awkward at times and made poor Phil (Bill Murray) seem too desperate heh. Michelle seems to fit the sophisticated look and natural etiquette needed for this movie I feel. A wonderful post that never fails to bring a smile upon my face. You could say it’s like deja vu..

    Sincerely Sonea

  8. I have seen Groundhog Day many, many times (3 times this past Feb. 2). I have seen neither Addicted to Love or One Fine Day , so thank you for the recommendations

  9. Great post 🙂 dressed in pajamas eating pasta and watching your favorite movies is always a great way to spend a sick day 🙂 I will say that I think Michelle would have been a great choice for the female character in Groundhog Day. I know how you love to imagine how Meg Ryan and Michelle Pfeiffer would be in a movie together so I was wondering how you would imagine them in David Cronenberg’s controversial 1996 film Crash? I know it sounds like a bit of a stretch but it’s just something fun I came up with to imaging. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    P.S. whenever I am sick, I love to watch some Ealing comedies.

  10. Thanks for the link, I really need to make time to immerse myself in Ealing comedies. Luckily they do pop up on English television quite regularly.
    As for Crash, hell yeah! Thinking of the characters Meg Ryan played in Hurlyburly and In the Cut, she’d have slotted in no problem although I don’t think the critics or the public would have warmed to the idea. As for Michelle, knowing her stance on nudity and sex scenes, I don’t think she would have even considered the idea.
    Other possible pair-ups from that period are Copycat, Thelma and Louise, maybe even Practical Magic which was directed by Griffin Dunne. It could have had a similar vibe to The Witches of Eastwick. Or what about Death Becomes Her? With Meg in the Helen Sharp/Goldie Hawn role and Michelle as Madeleine Ashton/Meryl Streep.

  11. rbtheuncritic

    Hope you are feeling better by now! Groundhog Day is a classic but it’s a movie I can’t watch.

  12. 🙂 I forgot how much I enjoy reading.. “about your classic world” Paul. And I certainly hope your feeling better , take care

  13. “Michelle’s movies are like medicine to me. They’ve become a kind of booster shot.” Brilliantly said, my pfriend. Just this past week I’ve rewatched Married to the Mob and Frankie and Johnny because my week was so disheartening that I needed something only Michelle could deliver. A real sense of hope. Her work resonates so much with me. Glad to know another pfellow pfan who feels similarly.

    I’m hoping to have a new Pfeiffer post up soon over at my online home. Writing has been a struggle in 2018 so far, but I’ll get it done and share it soon.

    • Keep writing my friend, keep writing.

      • Paul, while I hate shamelessly plugging my stuff, I knew you’d want to see this: a top ten Pfeiffer performance ranking from yours truly, for the site Top 10 Films. This was HARD to do, my pfriend. So many great roles of hers I love that fell just outside by top ten. Plus, my #1 and #2 spots are basically interchangeable and I love them equally.

        Enjoy, let me know your thoughts, maybe even leave a comment under the list!


        • Pfeel pfree to share any of your Pfeiffer links here anytime. When it comes to Michelle I only wish I had half your eloquence and enthusiasm.
          I really enjoyed your article and I can’t fault your list. I have so many favourite Pfeiffer pfilms I’d find it impossible to narrow them down to a definitive ten because for me no one has ever matched and will ever match her wonderful work in the late 80s/early ’90s:
          Dangerous Liaisons, Married to the Mob, The Fabulous Baker Boys, Frankie & Johnny, Batman Returns and The Age of Innocence. Unbeatable stuff. Michelle has such incomparable star charisma and depth. She is and will always be my favourite actress. So different. So real. So magnificent.

          • I’ll be happy to share your links! Hopefully if I can get my act together I’ll do another guest post featuring one of yours. I’d ask you permission to use something first, of course.

            Narrowing the list down for top Pfeiffer pfilms is excruciatingly difficult. So many great performances to choose from. I agree with you wholeheartedly when it comes to her unmatched excellence in the late ’80s/early ’90s. We’ve never seen anything like it since.

            And no surprise to hear, I’m sure, but she is and will always be my favorite actress as well. Her work brings me so much joy.

            • I wasn’t looking for a plug honestly. I really don’t think my posts are worthy to be featured on your site.
              You’re recent Pfeiffer top 10 was a gem. I did try to leave a couple of comment on the post, but for some reason they never appeared. The WordPress gremlins strike again!

  14. I don’t mind Andie MacDonald in this film, but I LOVE your idea of either Meg Ryan or Michelle Pfeiffer vs Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

    I know this is off topic, but I just picked up the book “I’ll Have What She’s Having: How Nora Ephron’s Three Iconic Films Saved Romantic Comedy”. Have you seen/read this book? If so, I’d be curious to know what you thought.

    • You’re not off topic at all, I’m delighted you mentioned “I’ll Have What She’s Having: How Nora Ephron’s Three Iconic Films Saved Romantic Comedy”.
      I haven’t read it yet, which is surprising given I’ve spent so much of my time reading Norah Ephron’s books, hunting down all her articles and watching her movies. Her writing was magical.
      I’m sure Erin Carlson’s book will be right up my street, from the snippets I’ve read on-line it seems to contain a lot of interesting behind the scenes stories. I’ll try and put up a post when I get around to reading it.

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