Pfixating on Pfeiffer

Exactly one month from today Michelle Pfeiffer will celebrate her 60th birthday. To mark the occasion I’m planning to open the floor to your opinions on all things Pfeiffer. There are no rules or restrictions; if you want to join in just write a few paragraphs, or pages on the glorious blonde one.Michelle has quite a vast filmography and she’s worked with a number of legends – Bridges, Close, Day-Lewis, De Niro, Lange, Pacino, Scorsese. She’s done something for everyone, so there are a wide variety of films to choose from.I’m not the first, the most obsessed or the most articulate person to claim Michelle as their muse, but after more than 20 years of pfandom, I would like the blogosphere to share in my own irrational obsession, if only for one fine day.You don’t have to don Selina Kyle’s catsuit or sing like Susie Diamond. Just focus on a particular pfilm or performance, bemoan her lack of award recognition or speculate on your dream role for Michelle… basically anything Pfeifferian.If you would like to get involved…simply leave a comment.
If you would just like to read all the articles, come back to the blog on Sunday April 29th to see the complete roster.


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27 responses to “Pfixating on Pfeiffer

  1. Kim

    Count me in for a review! I have a few Pfeiffer movies lined up to watch. What perfect timing 🙂

  2. Oh, you know I’m down for this. Now I just need to think up what to write about. Let me ruminate.

    How will the mechanics of this work? Will we post something about Michelle to our blog and you’ll share it here?

    • It’s pfantastic to have you on board. If you post on your own blog, I’ll share all the links here on Michelle’s birthday.

      • Sounds good. Maybe I’ll get that Cheri piece written by then and you can share that. Otherwise I’ll try to churn something Michelle related out by then, at least. I could write a billion words about her, obviously—and in fact may have already done so!

        Thanks for organizing this! On a personal note, my birthday is just six days before Michelle’s, which never fails to make my heart sing. She’s my Taurus soul mate.

  3. Love Michelle! I would be happy to participate.

  4. Pfantastic tribute to yout pfavourite blonde (well one of them anyway), going with Batman Returns if you can officially add me! And should I keep an eye on your blog in time for Nov 19 for your other lovely leading lady….?

  5. Ooh this sounds exciting 🙂 Once again, do not delete this blog entry. On as side note, she also worked with two other legendary directors and they were Brian De Palma and Jonathan Demme. De Palma on Scarface and Demme on Married to the Mob. Other reliable directors she worked with were Tim Burton on Batman Returns and John Landis on Into the Night, but of course you knew all of that though 🙂 If I may add my two cents though on Pfeiffer films that you should dedicate a blog entry too (but that is only If you want to), it would be Into the Night and Married to the Mob because those are so sadly under appreciated. Nevertheless, I love every single one of your blog entries 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    • Thanks John, your support is much appreciated. I have watched Into the Night this weekend, hopefully I’ll be able to cobble some incoherent thoughts together.

  6. RB

    Aw Michelle, you can’t be turning 60, you are ageless. You’ve been my hero forever. You always get the guy because OF COURSE men want to be with you… I’ve always wanted to BE you!

  7. Great, I’m in!!! Just have to decide, what, regarding Pfeiffer, I ought write on.

  8. Oh no!!! How did I miss this post???? I’m in…not sure yet with what but something will come up…

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  10. Hi Paul, here’s my review of Frankie and Johnny.

    Happy birthday to Michelle! 🙂

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