Into the Night With La Pfeiffer

Given Michelle Pfeiffer’s status as first lady of this site, I feel duty bound to remind all and sundry that The Pfeiffer Blogathon is just two weeks away. Let me know if you would like to join me in worship at the altar of La Pfeiffer.I was actually planning to review Into the Night and post an essay today, but life gets in the way. I haven’t got anything, except incoherent Pfeiffer thoughts. I suppose even the staunchest pfan dips in and out of this particular malaise.What I would’ve said, if I was disciplined enough to produce a review, is: anyone who caught Michelle inΒ Into the Night would have known she was destined to be our Lauren Bacall. Hollywood’s Hawksian Woman for the ’90s. It was inevitable.Β Michelle’s voice is a wonderful riff on Bacall’s playful huskiness. Like Lauren, she knew how to smoke a cigarette and how to whistle. She was more beautiful than Bogart’s muse. The camera loved her, and she loved how the camera loved her.Stardust bursts from the screen every time Pfeiffer casts her eyes hither and thither. Blink, blink, burst, burst. A firework display of finesse with every glance.
After countless viewings of her work Michelle is still the one who inspires, intrigues and beguiles me. It’s those eyes. Those lips. The face. Was the camera as comfortable in close-up with anyone before, during, or since?



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20 responses to “Into the Night With La Pfeiffer

  1. I reckon you don’t want repetitive entries. Do we claim a film?

  2. What an adorable post about your lovely Michelle, totally understand about the incoherent Pfeiffer thoughts, had the same this week but with William Holden in Damien II if that helps. All set for watching your lovely lady as Catwoman tomorrow!

  3. Great post πŸ™‚ Once again, do not delete this blog entry cause I really love it πŸ™‚ I know how writing a review is (I rarely do it on my site). You need to gather up a lot of interesting things to say to form a coherent whole. Nevertheless, this sounds like a great warmup to a future Into the Night review. I love how you praise Pfeiffer as “Hollywood’s Hawksian Woman for the 90’s.” So true πŸ™‚ I will go even further and declare that Pfeiffer perfected that trait as Diana in Into the Night. This is the type of character you get when you take beauty, brains and wit and combine them into one. Here is an interesting bit of trivia that you probably may know by now: the film’s director John Landis plays the mute gunman πŸ™‚ Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your comments, I do love receiving them, rest assured I will resist the urge to delete this entry. It does mean a lot to me that you enjoy these posts so much. I do find straight film reviews difficult. Most of my posts are off the cuff, random ramblings, inspired by Michelle, Meg Ryan, classic films I’ve watched and anything else cinematic that comes to mind. It’s a niche, but if only one person enjoys what I do here then it’s worthwhile.

      • Ah…thanks Paul for trying to resist…we’ll send Maggie after you if you delete your entry…and you know how that will turn out don’t you? Seriously, more than one person definitely enjoys what you do here. It is always great reading your posts.

        • Thanks my friend, receiving a comment like that, out of the blue, really does brighten my day. I’ve been feeling so burnt out, lately, that writing anything at all has been a huge struggle. Thanks for lifting my spirits, I’ll see you on Sunday!

          • Ah Paul, so glad I could make you smile.
            Yep…see you on Sunday…with one of my favourite actors and Michelle. I’m sure that’s clue enough to know which topic I’m tackling…was long overdue for a rewatch too…

  4. I could gush for days about Michelle in Into the Night, my pfriend. I tried to formulate some thoughts on it myself a while back:

    While I always find so many things to love about every Pfeiffer role and character she brings to life, there is something very special about her portrayal of Diana in this film. She seems wounded, fragile, but also determined and strong. You want to hug her, you want to spend time with her, to be her Ed Okin for just one night. Oh, that lucky Jeff Goldblum.

    Diana is definitely one of my favorite Pfeiffer performances, and one of her most endearing characters for as well. And I thoroughly enjoyed your lovely words on a lovely performance, Paul.

    • To paraphrase Me and Bobby McGee, I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single night with Michelle. I do wish I had your eloquence when it comes to la Pfeiffer, my posts are fun, or I hope people find them fun, they do lack your panache though. Over time I would like to share all the posts in your series here. But I don’t want you to think I’m lazy or jumping on your bandwagon, that isn’t my style. Us pfans have to stick together!

      • You are free to share my Michelle posts here any time you like! You don’t even have to ask, just share as you see fit. In fact, I’m honored that you want to bring my work to your audience.

        See, when I read your posts I envy their fun style! So, it seems, we’re a mutual appreciation society of Pfeiffer pfans! I’d like to share more of your posts over at my place, too. In fact, I’d like to do it this month in honor of Michelle’s birthday, and then maybe mention your blogathon in the same post. Now, the trick is to find the time to do it!

  5. Also meant to say that I’ll likely post my Michelle piece to my blog then come over here to let you know. Feel free to copy it entirely to share here if you want, or just share a link, whatever works best for you. As of today I’m focusing on her performance in White Oleander. If anything changes, I’ll let you know!

    • I’m pflattered you want to help celebrate Michelle’s special day. Post at your place and I’ll link back. If you have any ideas of suggestions for the blogathon pfeel pfree to share them here!

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