The Fabulous Pfeiffer Girl

I’ve slept, I’ve woken and I still have Michelle on my mind. It’s not surprising, I need Pfeiffer in the way that some people need to eat, sleep and breathe.
Pfeiffer the face has launched a million pfixations. The film that made me an obsessed fanatic was The Fabulous Baker Boys.I can’t imagine Michelle ever topping her wonderful Susie Diamond. The performance has just about everything: attitude, charm, confidence, wit, comic timing, sultry singing and seductive moves on top of a piano.Susie’s audition number, More Than You Know, may well be my favourite entrance of any character in any film. The way she falls into the room, a hot disheveled mess, chewing gum and cringing at the décor, after Jeff and Beau have just endured a run of 37 ear-splitting amateur divas, is priceless.What have the brothers got to lose? Michelle’s voice starts out soft and tentative, but she quickly gains in confidence and then it’s over, Pfeiffer steps out of the moment with a little, “So?”, and I settle down for a glorious ride.Some might single out Makin’ Whoopee, or the montage of the trio doing the rounds of Seattle’s nightspots, or Michelle’s cat-and-mouse seduction games with Jeff in the hotel suite, but it’s that audition piece which sparked my glorious obsession. Wherefore art thou Susie Diamond? Have the years been kind to you?




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11 responses to “The Fabulous Pfeiffer Girl

  1. Oh she was sensational here. The mix of sassy confidence and vulnerability was excellent. And her seductive vocals were something else.

  2. One of my favourite films. Michelle is at her best in this and she proved she could sing as well as act.

  3. RB

    Tell you what, the years have been super kind to Michelle. She looks nothing short of amazing. Still my hero! You go girl!

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  5. We’re on the same page today…
    As you say…her entrance to the audition (that is long over) is brilliant!

  6. Here’s your lovely leading lady in The Russia House, as promised… so glad plonked for this one in the end,

  7. Another stellar ode to our pfabulous Pfeiffer, Paul. I also find her entrance into the film to be one of the best ever, and her performance of “More Than You Know” has always sent shivers up my spine. It’s the kind of moment in film that makes your heart skip beats. It feels so intimate, and it’s just so heart-achingly beautiful.

  8. Great post 🙂 As far as entrance songs go, you can’t go wrong with “More Than You Know” Keep up the great work as always 🙂

  9. What a great blogathon! Just told my friend all about it and she declared Michelle as her all-time girl crush.

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