A Birthday, a Blonde and a Blogathon

With less than three weeks till Meg Ryan’s birthday I thought I’d post a little reminder for anyone who might have missed my original announcement.The Meg Ryan Birthday Blogathon will take place on Maggie’s birthday, Monday November 19th. I know several people have already pledged to get involved and I’m really heartened by their interest, but there is always room for more.If you would like to join in a celebration of Meg and her movies you’ll be more than welcome. Just write something about the queen of screen romance. A favourite film, a favourite Meg Ryan character, a favourite scene, anything.As usual there are no real rules or restrictions, and don’t worry, even if you don’t have time to write a new post, you’re more than welcome to reuse an old one. Really anything goes, as long as it relates to Meg Ryan and her movies.If you would like to get involved, or if you’ve got any thoughts or questions then leave me a comment. If you would just like to read the articles, come here on Monday November 19th and spend one fine day in celebration of Meg Ryan.


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17 responses to “A Birthday, a Blonde and a Blogathon

  1. Looking forward to this one… and still debating on what to review as so many 80s classics there (and City of Angels)

  2. Lovely reminder, Paul! I’m still very much in! 🙂

  3. I will definitely write something for my fellow scorpio, my birthday is 7 days earlier. Glad you reminded me. I’m in.

  4. Great post 🙂 I look forward to the films you will be talking about 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 😉

  5. Question, how are we posting? Will we be entering it in a comment to your post on that day, or are we sending it to you before? Just curious.

    • Hi Sue, post on your own blog on the day, I’ll link back to you and everybody else who gets involved. Or if you prefer email me and I will feature your post here. Whatever you decide thank you for your interest.

  6. RB

    I’ve had a draft sitting around for ages and will attempt to get it finished up in the next week or so. Could use help with getting the pictures if you have the time.

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  8. Hey Paul, here’s my belated post on Ms. Ryan’s birthday. It was a pleasure to write and thanks again for letting me contribute 🙂

  9. Hi Paul, here is my post about Meg. Thanks for soliciting this, as I so enjoyed reminiscing about her…

    So happy to join in my English buddy, Paul S’s, blog-a-thon on one of my favorite female movie stars, Meg Ryan’s, birthday. I apologize that I’m probably a day behind, us Yanks!!!
    Having been born this month also, Meg being a fellow Scorpio, is just another reason for me to love Meg. I’ve felt akin to Meg for most of my life, and actually miss her presence on the screen. I know how fickle Hollywood can be, and I don’t blame her for a moment for not returning, but I still will hold out my candle to see her bright shining eyes return one day soon. I could care less if they have wrinkles beneath them, for her spirit will shine through, which on any given day, is what has always drawn my heart and I have no doubt will continue to draw my heart.
    I have enjoyed Meg in many movies, but my favorite is “You’ve Got Mail.” I watch it every year around the holidays. It resonates with me, touches my heart in more ways than I will say in this post.
    But I will share my favorite lines, that would never have had the impact had Meg not been the gal uttering the lines.
    First, and this may not resonate with many of you, but I just love the scene in the beginning of the movie when she’s planning dinner with Frank (Greg Kinnear) and she answers with “SUSHI!” There’s just something about the playfulness of that scene, and her chasing around in her flannels … I mimic her voice in my head so often when I’m feeling silly or playful and I find myself saying “Sushi” outloud even when there is no reason for it. It makes me happy.
    And my second favorite line in the movie is when she meets Tom Hanks at the party, and he’s gobbling down the caviar, they exchange words and she finally says to him…
    “What is so wrong with being personal anyway?
    Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”
    I have lived my life with that thinking, and it was beyond nice to hear Meg utter those words for so many to contemplate. An angel delivering the message …
    Happy Birthday, Meg, and thanks Paul, for creating this platform for all of us to gather and reminisce.

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  11. Great blog. FYI I looked for a Twitter ‘button’ and don’t see that you have it turned on?

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