Meg and Michelle Recall the Halcyon Days of the Hawksian Woman

If you had caught Addicted to Love in 1997 you might have thought Meg Ryan would be our Carole Lombard. A Hawksian Woman for the ’90s and the aughts.It didn’t quite happen that way. But after another recent viewing of A2L, I thought, “Why not?” Meg plays Maggie sexier than Stanwyck’s Sugarpuss O’Shea and more rambunctious than Katharine Hepburn’s Susan Vance.My mind does go all over the place too when I’m thinking about Michelle. At the same time of Maggie’s popularity, Pfeiffer was crafting her own goddess of blonde womanhood in the form of One Fine Day‘s leggy Melanie Parker.Maggie is supremely hot; swaggering and tough-talking; Pfeiffer is equal parts femininity, stunning allure, and million-dollar charm. I just can’t imagine how thrilling it would have been to see the two of them in action, sharing the same screwball scene. Call it Bringing up One Fine Blonde Ball of Fire.Raunchy, Rubenesque Ryan would have driven Michelle to distraction. La Pfeiffer’s beauty and elegance would have ruffled Ryan’s amour-propre. In this scenario even Howard Hawks himself would have been driven a little screwball.



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6 responses to “Meg and Michelle Recall the Halcyon Days of the Hawksian Woman

  1. Great post 🙂 I can totally see your point about Meg being a Hawksian woman for the 90’s and in some respect, the aughts. As a follow-up to that one post where I suggested that Michelle Pfeiffer would have played Barbara Stanwyck’s role wonderfully in Ball of Fire, this post of yours seems perfect for me to make another suggestion. Meg Ryan playing Carole Lombard’s role in Twentieth Century 🙂 As for an onscreen pairing between the two, I know I might have suggested this before, but it would have been spectacular. Much like the pairing of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi in Edgar G. Ulmer’s The Black Cat. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by John, I’m loving the fact that you’re the only person to comment on this post. I know I have let this 90’s screwball theme run for far too long, but I enjoy it, and it’s a good excuse to ramble and post some pictures of Meg Ryan’s gorgeous Maggie, so why not?
      It is uncanny how often you and I are on the same wavelength, I was actually going to mention Carole Lombard’s role in Twentieth Century in regard to Meg Ryan’s Maggie. Reading some contemporary reviews of I.Q. recently I also noticed some critics thought that Meg Ryan movie was an update of Howard Hawks’ Ball of Fire.
      I’m still learning about screwball comedy and your comments are a big part of my education. Once again I enjoyed your Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff analogy. Even though I know for certain we will never get to see Meg and Michelle collaborate on a screwball comedy, it is nice to dream.

  2. He he…love that last paragraph…I can just picture it all.
    I’m definitely in with your Blogathon – just not sure what I’m writing about yet…have an idea or two.

    • That last paragraph is the basis of 90% of my posts.
      I am thrilled you’re going to be part of the blogathon, whatever you decide to write about I know it’ll be good.

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