My Top 5 Meg Ryan Movies

1. When Harry Met Sally…
2. Flesh and Bone
3. Addicted to Love
4. Joe Versus the Volcano
5. Prelude to a Kiss

What are yours?


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14 responses to “My Top 5 Meg Ryan Movies

  1. Well, that would be,
    WHMS, You’ve got Mail, Kate and Leopold, Joe vs. the Volcano, and Serious Moonlight.

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  2. Great list like the last one 🙂 Once again, here is my top 5 in chronological order, but their is plenty more where that came from 🙂

    1. When Harry Met Sally… (1989) (Dir: Rob Reiner)
    2. Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) (Dir: John Patrick Shanley)
    3. Flesh and Bone (1993) (Dir: Steve Kloves)
    4. Addicted to Love (1997) (Dir: Griffin Dunne)
    5. In the Cut (2003) (Dir: Jane Campion)

    Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    • I’d often wondered what your favourite Meg movies were, thanks for enlightening me, as usual we seem to have similar taste.
      Also thanks for including the directors on your lists, it’s interesting for me to compare them. Steve Kloves is the only director common to both.

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  3. I think mine is Sleepless in Seattle 🙂

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  4. I enjoyed Flesh and Bone a lot. The critics hatred of the movie is undeserved and puzzling to me. They acknowledge that it’s a neo noir and then they measure it by thriller standards and complain when it doesn’t add up. I’m not equating these two films–there is no equation, one comes up very short against the other, duh–but The Big Sleep had a lot of holes in its plot too and, yet, it’s considered a masterpiece and rightfully so. While,Flesh and Bone is far from a masterpiece, it is an effective noir, IMHO.

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  5. catfacts

    Courage Under Fire; When a Man Loves a Woman; Flesh and Bone (great picture but she isn’t the standout); In the Cut; French Kiss (sorry!). I still have to watch Proof of Life which looks very good. I am surprised I’m struggling to think of five Pfeiffer films I enjoy.


    • Welcome to Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies. I like all your favourites. French Kiss is fine, the others feature Meg at her best, When a Man Loves a Woman and In the Cut are really powerful stuff. Thank you for your comment. If you do come up with five Pfeiffer films you enjoy feel free to share. It’s always good to have a fresh voice around here.


      • catfacts

        I found out about you through some very old comments on LeBeauLeBlog! I love all the leading ladies of Meg’s generation (the actresses who are 60 today), Sharon Stone especially. It seems like all of Sharon’s fans regret her not doing light comedies, so I sometimes like to involve her when I read your Meg and Michelle fantasies.


        • Thanks for coming back. I had wondered how you came across this place. We seem to have similar taste in leading ladies. I used to crush on Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, Darryl Hannah, Debra Winger, Nicole Kidman… My affection for Meg and Michelle eventually outlasted all others. They still fuel my fantasies.


  6. Top 5 Meg Ryan Movies… 1.When Harry Met Sally, 2. Innerspace 3. Top Gun, 4. You’ve Got Mail 5. Sleepless in Seattle

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