When Harry Met Sally… Frank, Jack and Susie

It’s way past midnight and I still can’t sleep. So, I’ll ask a random question: Which film is superior: When Harry Met Sally… or The Fabulous Baker Boys? I’m pondering this conundrum because it’s just occurred to me that The Fabulous Baker Boys will celebrate its 30th birthday on the 13th of October.Just three months before this Michelle Pfeiffer classic appeared in theatres, When Harry Met Sally… had introduced Meg Ryan to an agog world. Three decades on these films are still the pinnacle of both Meg and Michelle’s careers and I think either (or both) would make a fabulous subject for a blogathon.So, would anyone be interested in joining me in celebration of When Harry Met Sally… Frank, Jack and Susie? You don’t have to emulate Sally’s fake orgasm, or make whoopee like Susie Diamond to get involved, just leave me your thoughts or ideas in the comments. Maybe you’d prefer a 30 years of Pfeiffer blogathon?It’s all up to you. Depending on the response I receive I’ll make some sort of official announcement in the next week or so. In the meantime expect rambling reviews for When Harry Met Sally… and The Fabulous Baker Boys here in the next few days. Unless I’m too busy mourning the inevitable end of summer.


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17 responses to “When Harry Met Sally… Frank, Jack and Susie

  1. I would prefer 30 years of Pfeiffer….

  2. Good Lord. It’s been 30 years? And both movies were released in the same year? Who knew in that two of the most life changing movies that would ever be made would be released in 1989. Thing is, you cannot possibly say that one is better than the other. You can’t. The movies are as different as can be yet united in level of artistry and excellence. Paul, I think an interesting blogathon could be constructed around this 30 year anniversary that does not necessarily require people to choose one over the other… unless people see fit to do so… I would rather write about the mutual excellence.

    • RB, where would I be without you and your thoughtful comments. 1989 was a great year at the cinema, one worth celebrating, although I don’t think I’ll be bothering with a blogathon. Nevertheless, I will be here on October 13th for Baker Boys birthday. I hope you’ll join me.

  3. 30 years of Pfeiffer sounds good, then I have to watch One Fine Day! BTW I am doing a blogathon about the Marines – you can pick actors / actresses who were Marines or films about Marines.. love you to join if you can find a way in (not sure if any ex-Marines in their movies!)

  4. These films are 30 years old already?! Whoa!

  5. I wrote this back in June, ahead of the 30th anniversary for Baker Boys: https://wordsseemoutofplace.blogspot.com/2019/06/thirty-years-of-loving-michelle.html

    Feel free to use any or all of it in whichever blogathon you choose to do!

    • Thanks, I probably will feature your Susie Diamond tribute on October 13th, the 30th anniversary of the release of The Fabulous Baker Boys. I think a blogathon is on the back burner for now though, probably until Meg’s birthday in November.

  6. Michael

    Sounds great, thank you for sharing it! I might have to bump it back up to the top spot on my blog that date, also. Okay, I’m off to peruse your site for something to share on my site. This is pfun!

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