Dangerous Minds (1995)

Michelle Pfeiffer is fantastic in this uplifting parable that gets an A grade for effort. It tells the true story of Louanne Johnson, a former U.S. marine who takes a job as teacher at an inner-city high school that ends up becoming a lifestyle.Louanne enters the blackboard jungle determined to help her class of “rejects from hell” graduate, what she soon learns is that you can’t become a teacher from reading books, or by gaining qualifications. You have to live it.Despite its glossy veneer, the film does try to balance things out by showing that some of these kids can’t or just don’t want to come around. The film’s drama is by-the-numbers and some of the more touching moments are watered down by their predictability. Pfeiffer’s work though makes it a worthwhile watch.Dangerous Minds is noticeably 90’s and if you were around in the decade you might remember Coolio’s Gangsters Paradise which serves as the title song. Pfeiffer even starred in the video. The film is based on Johnson’s autobiography My Posse Don’t Do Homework, which was the working title before master crowd-pleasers Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Smith got their hands on it.

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10 responses to “Dangerous Minds (1995)

  1. Each time I think of this movie Michelle comes to mind followed by Gangsters Paradise. I haven’t watched this one since it came out on the big screen and remember really enjoying it.

  2. RB

    I always thought this movie sought to capitalize on the groundbreaking film “Stand and Deliver” which captivated us in that time when it was released. Critics and viewers may have unconsciously discriminated against “Dangerous MInds” in response, failing to give this project its rightful accolades. It’s a very good movie and Michelle is PFABULOUS in it.

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  4. I remember this one. Can you imagine “getting” a teacher so hot? I liked the film even though it was corny at times.

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  6. Thanks for this lovely post for my blogathon, havent seen Michelle in this one but sounds like one to watch for her in something completely different from her romantic roles. Thanks for joining the blogathon – its always lovely to have you and one of your leading ladies join the fun, Gill from Realweegiemidget Reviews

  7. Another Michelle P. movie I haven’t yet seen, but I know I’ll like it despite any predictability. I’m a sucker for these kinds of “teacher” films. Thanks!

  8. Great post 🙂 Michelle Pfeiffer is always great, but Dangerous Minds was just too blah for me. My sentiments on this film are similar to how I feel about Blackboard Jungle as well. Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

  9. Michael

    Paul, your feelings about the film very much mirror my own (no surprise). I used to find fault in much of it, and trust me I still do, but I’ve really grown to love it over time. It’s too treacly by a mile at times, but it’s also just so endearing, thanks largely to Michelle’s extremely endearing lead performance. I adore her in this role. I would classify this one as a major comfort food watch for me. When I need a classic Michelle fix (pfix!), this is definitely one that I’ll reach for.

  10. Another movie I need to add to my “want to see” list!

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