A Prelude to Meg’s Birthday

Meg Ryan’s impending birthday next Tuesday must be weighing on my mind. What follows is a conversation I had with Maggie in my dreams last night. In the interests of modesty my character will be played by George Clooney.


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11 responses to “A Prelude to Meg’s Birthday

  1. Paul…I absolutely love this post. Just as much as when Meg and Pfeiffer took over your blog. Have a lovely Sunday! Hope it is less rainy and cold than here.

  2. Can’t wait til part 2, love that you cast Clooney as yourself! Anyway need your advice re a Meg film if a watch or avoid… what’s your thoughts on Kate and Leopold..?

    • I might hang fire on part 2. I don’t want people thinking I’m a looney played by Clooney. As for Kate & Leopold, it’s fine if you can accept the time travel element. A couple of Meg Ryan fans on here love it and think it’s one of her best movies. It’s the last real Meg Ryan rom-com, made at the time of her divorce from Dennis and all the surrounding media backlash. I do find it a little bit sad watching her at that time in her life.

  3. RB

    well that was fun!!
    And in answer to the question. Kate and Leopold? SEE IT. Count me among those who love it. The build of chemistry between Meg and Hugh Jackman is a cinematic achievement and so very touching. While Michelle and Al Pacino are my favorite screen couple of all time, for Frankie and Johnny, (yes that includes Baker Boys because that movie is not about couples, more about individuals, so I love it for different reasons), and Meg and Tom Hanks always had reliable chemistry from Joe vs. Volcano to WHMS to YGM…… the story of Kate and Leopold has the same lasting tug at the heartstrings as does F&J. As Paul said… with time travel. Which makes it all the more sweet.

  4. That was very clever Paul 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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