100 Posts, Dream Double Features and a Small Cinema in Bellagio

My 100th post seems an appropriate time to talk about One Fine Day. Along with Addicted to Love it’s the film I’ve mused over more than any other. I actually happened across it on Saturday while switching channels. Michelle drew me in again. Another day dreaming of 1997, another dose of Pfeiffer pfixation.Do you remember the incredible cinematic year that was 1997? It was the year of Con Air, The English Patient, My Best Friend’s Wedding, L.A. Confidential, Anaconda, the list goes on. As much as I revelled in these celluloid discoveries, what I most wanted to do was go to the theatre and gaze at Michelle Pfeiffer for two hours. On that level, One Fine Day was a must see for me.It wasn’t a must see for everyone, and seemed to vanish from theatres all too quickly. The brevity of One Fine Day‘s theatrical run was made even more disappointing because it coincided with the even shorter run of Addicted to Love, Maggie being outdrawn by the Pfeiffer flick for most of her month long release.Each films arrival on the big screen however coincided with a trip to Lake Como, where, for some mystifying reason, my beautiful girlfriend did not want to take a break from wine-drinking, pasta-eating and trattoria-sitting to watch subtitled screenings of Addicted to Love and One Fine Day at the Cinema Vittoria.Two weeks later the fates actually did conspire to grant me the opportunity for a Meg & Michelle multiplex double feature. So what am I trying to say? I miss that feeling. The moments just before you go to the cinema, the butterflies when the opening titles roll. Thank you, Meg and Michelle for giving me that feeling of anticipation. I doubt I’ll ever feel like that again, but it was nice while it lasted.


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14 responses to “100 Posts, Dream Double Features and a Small Cinema in Bellagio

  1. Congratulations on reaching this milesone and your compelling writing! And, in the words of Steven Wright, I like to reminisce with people I don’t know. Merry Christmas!

  2. RB

    100 posts! Talk about…. PFabulous!
    Have a merry Christmas, or happy Holidays, and looking forward to the next 100 posts starting in 2020!
    Would be happy to team up on a double review some time if that works out!

    • Thank you for every post you’ve ever read. Thank you for every comment. I don’t know why you do it, but it makes me very happy. These posts are just me voicing my opinions on Meg and Michelle movies, which I never really knew much about anyway. I do know what I like, and every once in a while I can articulate the reasons why. Thank you again. Merry Christmas. I hope we can work on a dual review in 2020!

  3. Great post 🙂 Congrats to getting to your 100th post 🙂 I had a feeling it would be about both One Fine Day and Addicted to Love 🙂 Sorry I have not been blogging on here for a while, I have been busy with the holiday season and stuff 🙂 Anyway, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

    • Thanks John, no need to apologise, I’m just glad you found your way to this place. I really appreciate your contribution! It would be a far more quiet and dull place without your voice.

  4. I love this post, so sweet, honest and funny.

  5. 100 posts – congrats Paul, your writing is wonderful and I do hope one day one or either of your leading ladies will comment. One Fine Day is on my radar now thanks to your sterling reviews. Thanks!

    • You’re too kind. I’m surprised I’ve made it to 100 posts, even more surprised that other people seem to enjoy them. I write quicker than I think. Looking back through my posts it’s as if my fingertips have a mind of their own. I can’t deny I’d be chuffed if M&M ever did stop by this place. Maybe one fine day.

  6. Congratulations on your 100! Sorry I’m so late and haven’t shown my face“ for a while – November and December were manic at work.
    Ah, 1997…there were some great movies out. In fact, I miss that time in movies…the 90s were great. And with that time, the cinema experience. Wonderful days meeting friends for a movie. I can’t remember when I last went to the cinema…

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