Meg Movie Memorabilia Mania

I found this poster in a charity shop on Blucher Street and promptly purchased it, for the princely sum of £2. Once it’s framed I’ll hang it in my room, as a glorious reminder of the radiance of Ryan (before she became a byword for bad cosmetic surgery). A long time ago in a New York City that feels like a galaxy far far away, Meg strode the streets dressed as Maggie. In her biker boots, mini skirt, leather jacket and aviator goggles, she looks like your typical Meg Ryan character viewed in a funhouse mirror. Is it any wonder I went wild for her?


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22 responses to “Meg Movie Memorabilia Mania

  1. Halcyon days! The 90s sadly do seem far away. Until a couple of months ago when I had to rebuild my computer from scratch I still had the original You’ve Got Mail movie site and what a glorious thing it was! Now there’s one with ‘ironic’ bits of the original visible. Sniff! Long live Meg…

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  2. Paul S,

    Meg totally had it going on in this flick!!


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  3. I’ll never understood why someone who looked as beautiful as Meg did so many cosmetic surgeries. It’s such an incredible shame😢
    This is a great poster though! It really captures her spirit in a very good way. And that seems like a total bargain!😀

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  4. You can feel the vibrancy and charm oozing through the lens of the past. I can see why you’d like to frame the poster. Who’s the bloke, and what movie is it from?

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  5. Pretty picture there Paul 🙂 I Agree, you should get it framed because something like that, screams for the word MEMORABILIA 🙂 A lot of people collect items like the ones you describe and it is always essential to preserve history (pop culture or otherwise) 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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    • Thanks John. When I was teenager I started collecting Meg Ryan cuttings for a scrapbook that ended up stretching into several epic volumes covering her career between 1989 and 1998. I had everything from Sunday supplements, to trade magazine articles, calenders and miscellaneous photos. I even kept recordings of her teleision interviews on some VHS tapes. Sadly, it was all lost sometime in the past, along with most of my other movie memorabilia. So, I suppose this site is a way of keeping the dream alive.

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  6. That Meg Ryan memorabilia moment sounds like fate.. and what a bargain. Hope all is going well with you.

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  7. This is a great photo, with beautiful contrasts. What a great find!

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  8. great purchase. I hope you are well and safe Paul.

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  9. I wish I had Meg’s legs…this is beautiful. 🙂


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