New Year, Same Old Story: Ryan Redux

One of the finest things about having a site where all you do is write about your actress obsessions, is that there are people out there who not only do not roll their eyes at you – but are more than willing to fan the flames. Fans have sent me artwork, photographs, links to articles they think I would like… It is fabulous.The much missed, Meg-a-talented, graphic designer Myopic Pete was kind enough to create a Meg & Michelle movie poster (see below) for me last year. Just the sight of Pfeiffer and Ryan together here is enough to send my blood pressure boiling, although, in the light of Kelly Preston’s passing, I do feel a little bit guilty at replacing her with Michelle. Some people will roll their eyes. But this poster isn’t for them, it’s for me. Every time I gaze at it, I grin from ear to ear.


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7 responses to “New Year, Same Old Story: Ryan Redux

  1. Aw that’s lovely Paul.. I am sure Kelly would have understood. And you have over 100,000 views too. I do think at least two of them are from Meg and Michelle.. Btw are you going to join our Home Sweet Blogathon with One Fine Day this month’s still up for grabs…

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  2. Great post 🙂 I too love the poster design as well 🙂 If Addicted to Love came out today, that is probably what the poster art would look like 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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