The Blogathon Blues

Let’s begin with a lame apology: I really and truly was looking forward to participating in the Christopher Lee Blogathon hosted by my good friend Gill over at Real Weegie Midget Reviews. But I ran out of time. Firstly I was ill, then I mislaid my DVD of Dark Shadows and then the cat ate my review.
Please do go and read the entries. You’ll find great posts on The Hound of the Baskervilles, a character study of Saruman across The Lord of the Rings films, a highly enjoyable look at The Man With the Golden Gun and plenty more.

I am missing the blogathon party, they’re fun to host, satisfying to participate in, enlightening to read… so why is it over four years since I last hosted The Addicted to Screwball blogathon? Damn. I really would like to do that one again.

Running a niche blog is tough business, so in the 10 years I’ve been writing exclusively about Meg & Michelle, it would have been fun to run a blogathon based entirely around Addicted to Love and One Fine Day. That could’ve been great but —> back to the lame apology up top. This post loops back in on itself.


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24 responses to “The Blogathon Blues

  1. I really love Christopher Lee, but don’t be upset, since he will obviously never be forgotten, you will have plenty of time to talk about him! But if you miss that so much you could always host something on your blog, I’m sure you’ll easily come up with something fun and interesting about Meg and Michelle!

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  2. Is that an unofficial official unofficial blogathon announcement? If so will join you on the 4th July with my take on One Fine Day. As for Mr Lee, as Madam V says above you have all the time in the world to review this… and your cat has really good taste!

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  3. Paul…I understand how you feel. Honestly I do. There are times when…well, the cat just ate your post. In fact, probably better the cat got hold of it than forcing a post you feel nothing for…oh, darn…the cat got it.
    Seriously though, don’t feel pressurised. All in time.

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  4. Michael

    Did the cat happen to be named Selina? Or Miss Kitty, perhaps? 😉

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  5. Hope youre feeling better Paul.

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