One Fine Day with Melanie Parker

My pfriend Michael C. and I share a passion for One Fine Day. Over the last few years, we’ve showered praise on this film as we’ve reviewed, dual reviewed, blogathoned and guest posted about it. In his latest article, over at The Starfire Lounge, Michelle has written another beautiful tribute to one of my favourite Pfeiffer pfilms. It’s a fabulous piece of writing, articulating just what makes Michelle’s performance as Melanie Parker so special. Thank you Michael!

The Starfire Lounge

My buddy Paul from Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies has clearly been trying to send me a message lately, what with his encouragement in the comments here to write about Michelle Pfeiffer’s excellent work as Melanie Parker in One Fine Day, followed by his picture-post tribute to Melanie, which quotes something I once wrote about Michelle’s performance. I hear you loud and clear, Paul: the world needs more Melanie Parker love, and you and I are the two foremost experts on the subject, so let’s do this!

I reread a One Fine Day piece I wrote many moons ago, at my old blog, just to refresh my memory on what I’d said or not said. Turns out it’s not half bad. So, some of what you read below comes from that post, but I’ve edited, embellished, and expanded on it to the point that it’s an all-new beast, really.

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2 responses to “One Fine Day with Melanie Parker

  1. Michael

    It was my pleasure Paul, and the inspiration to write it came from you and your lovely, recent tribute to Melanie/Michelle. Thanks for the reblog, my pfriend!

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  2. You’re welcome, it’s always a pleasure to share your work here!


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