Still Messing Around…

… with images in the block editor.


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15 responses to “Still Messing Around…

  1. Impressed, how difficult is it to use?

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    • I’m getting used to it, but I still find the classic editor much easier to use. I’ve also tried dropping the sidebar on these picture posts to make the images bigger. Thanks for the comment I’m sure you’ve seen it all before!

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  2. The irony of block editor is you can no longer edit blocks. Impossible to load a page of pix. Now you have to do it one by one. Nice when you have one hundred plus. Impossible to use Categories. Wonderful. Years of work … vaporised. I hate change.

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    • I feel exactly the same as you. I’ve wasted hours today just experimenting. I’m not impressed and if they ever remove the option to use the classic editor I’ll be calling it a day.

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      • They might as well have. Categories which evolved over years on my blog are now redundant. I can’t move a big block of images – so each time I do a mix of pix it takes forever…. Utter crap, if you ask me, but moving was too much hassle as I experimented elsewhere. First world probs but it is SO EXASPERATING!!!

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  3. I’m impressed as I don’t even know how to use an editor! cheers!

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  4. Michael

    Michelle in Wolf: drop dead gorgeousssss. I can’t cope.

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    • Ha ha! I can so relate to the passion in your comment. I spent all day yesterday, looking at images of Michelle in Wolf and I know, you know what that can do to a man. It’s just lucky it wasn’t a full moon!

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  5. Michael

    And for what it’s worth I use the classic editor and have never even experimented with anything else, so I’m impressed!

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  6. Great post 🙂 I really do appreciate how you merge two different films with Michelle Pfeiffer and Meg Ryan together 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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