Kate & Leopold (2001)

Elaine at Mondo Movies has written a delightful review of a sadly overlooked Meg movie. I really should try and watch Kate & Leopold again, it’s a film that suffered because of the backlash to Meg’s dalliance with Russell Crowe. Has it really been 21 years?


You can’t live a fairy tale. On 28 April 1876, Leopold, His Grace the 3rd Duke of Albany (Hugh Jackman), is a stifled dreamer. He has created a design for a primitive elevator, and has built a small model of this device. His strict Uncle Millard (Paxton Whitehead) has no time for what he sees as Leopold’s frivolous interest in the sciences and new inventions, having brought him to New York City to marry a wealthy American heiress since the Mountbatten family is heavily in debt. It has always been your greatest misfortune, nephew, that you so thoroughly amuse yourself with the sound of your own voice. While sketching the Brooklyn Bridge during a public meeting dedicated to the completion of its Manhattan tower, Leopold notices Stuart Besser (Liev Schreiber) taking photographs with an anachronistically small camera. Stuart is an amateur physicist and happens to be Leopold’s great‑great‑grandson visiting from 21st‑century New York…

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2 responses to “Kate & Leopold (2001)

  1. Thanks so much for sharing this Paul. One of my favorite movies and re-watch it every so often. Criminally underrated and chock full of delicious touches, including the gradual build of chemistry among those talented leads. Meg Ryan effortlessly channels her considerable experience into what is in my opinion one of her best performances. Yes, I plan to watch this again tonight!

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