Wolf (1994)

These images from Wolf form my entry for The Christopher Plummer Blogathon, hosted by Gill from Reelweegiemidget Reviews and Gabriela from Pale Writer.



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  1. LOVE this film so much. Michelle and Jack have absolutely wild chemistry going on(no pun intended). Fab to see Christopher in this too. Love that you included a pic of the scene of Jack and Michelle by the lake because that’s one of my favourite moments from the film.

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  2. Great pictures Paul 🙂 Michelle Pfeiffer looks so cute lying in bed 🙂 Though most of my entries on my recent favorite films list may be ones you never saw, I bet you more than thrilled to see Vertigo and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes on there 🙂 The former ranking number one in both my top 10 favorites of all time and top 10 favorite American/English-Language film of all time and the latter ranking at number 9 in the American/English-Language films entry 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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  3. The film was a mess and everyone in the production felt it. I reviewed Nichols’ biography:

    . _Wolf_ was a story that never made sense to him and had a screenplay officially credited to Jim Harrison and Wesley Strick. It was rushed into production, a typical studio move nowadays but one to which the director was unaccustomed. Leading man Jack Nicholson had fundamentally changed in his essential character and was in the midst of an acrimonious breakup. He spent long hours in makeup and scared people with his temper. Nichols could not relate to him in the way they had previously enjoyed. On set, Nichols did not betray his true feelings and Christopher Plummer appreciated that

    he never showed his displeasure or impatience. It was as if he had put the movie in
    a kind of slot, and told himself, ‘All right, I’ll work from that and shut up about the problems.’
    He never looked for a second like he was struggling. We adored him for that.

    Long-time collaborator editor Sam O’Steen never worked with Nichols again, feeling that he hadn’t prepared properly, forgoing rehearsals or creating storyboards for a production that wasn’t right from the off. Nichols told actress Kate Nelligan the experience was like Vietnam:

    “’I got in, and now I can’t get out’.” He said it like Eeyore, quietly.
    With a normal director you’d be alarmed. With Mike, it was just hilarious.”

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  4. Thanks so much for joining the blogathon, and I am saying a loud yay as you could join this time. Adore those photos and I had totally forgotten that Plummer was in this so methinks time for a rewatch… perhaps in time for the leading lady’s birthday blogathon?????
    Anyway hope you can join the Muppets one too… esp with more lovely imagined films (I am sure I remember Miss Piggy being jealous when Kermit fell for a young Meg Ryan)… or photos.

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  5. PS How did you turn your blog to black with white type? Been thinking about a subtle revamp…

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  8. Michael

    An absolutely pfabulous selection of shots, my pfriend. As you know, this is one of my pfavorite Pfeiffer pfilms and roles—and, for as stunning as always looks, she is positively luminous in this film. You’ve got me wanting to throw the disc in the player and give it yet another watch!

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  9. I love it! It’s essentially an old B-movie made by a team of professionals. I thought Nicholson and Pfeiffer had wonderful chemistry (love the way they tease each other), and that last shot of Pfeiffer walking through the gates (dressed in all black) made me howl like a wolf! 😉

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