Yes! Yes! Yes!

I know “how did the Academy not nominate…” is the film fan’s version of a dog chasing its own tail, but seriously… How did the Academy not nominate Meg Ryan for Best Actress for her work in When Harry Met Sally...  I love the performance more with every passing year, although I doubt the scene in Katz’s Deli would have been her Oscar clip. Far too risqué for television in 1990.



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  1. Good point, I love this scene and it cracks me up every time. As well as Billy Crystal’s spindly legs in that New Year’s Eve running scene. As Sally she so inspired me when she ordered desserts.

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  2. Hi Paul, proposition for you .. Meg Ryan stars with Candice Bergen in Rich and Famous (1981) or Michelle Pfeiffer stars with Mark Hamill in The Prince of Egypt. Hamill and Bergen were in The Muppet Show, if you want to join with one of those
    . If you go for Hamill, I can easily change my choice of Hamill to Christopher Reeve as both are in the film I chose… Your call.

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  3. I can’t speak for the performances I haven’t seen, but I do know Michelle Pfeiffer should’ve won Best Actress for Fabulous Baker Boys instead of Jessica Tandy. Meg Ryan being nominated for When Harry Met Sally… would’ve been a nice acknowledgement of such an iconic performance (and scene). I’m sure there are other worthy scenes they could’ve used.

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  4. Maybe she did not win an Oscar but she entered the story of movies forever, that’s for sure: that scene has become so famous even people who haven’t seen the movie quote it!

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