How I Feel / How I Wish I Felt

As articulated by Meg Ryan. Now, I didn’t wake up in West Texas this morning with a hangover, wearing an oversized red bra, I’ve just been under the weather with the winter lurgy all week. My apologies if I haven’t visited your site recently.



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13 responses to “How I Feel / How I Wish I Felt

  1. Hope you feel better soon, Paul. Watching something with your ladies in is bound to brighten your day and help a bit.

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  2. Try four months of rheumatic fever. And watching fifteen hours of Berlin Alexanderplatz all weekend is not the answer, as I have discovered. Meg and Michelle are a much better idea! Get well soon.

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  3. Michael

    I hope you feel better soon, Paul. I owe you an email reply, which I keep meaning to get to, and I will! Feel better, enjoy some Meg and Michelle movies while you rest.

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    • Thanks Michael, it’s good to hear from you. I feel a bit better today, and don’t worry about the email, I know you’ve got a lot on writing wise at the moment.

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      • Michael

        Oh good, I’m relieved to hear you’re feeling better, Paul. On top of some writing I’m trying to finish for a magazine (stay tuned), my day job is very busy right now so I’m hoping to focus on our collaboration later this month! Hope you keep feeling better, my pfriend.

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  4. Hope you are feeling well Paul! It’s quite unfair though that Meg, even in her worst moments, can still be so marvelous!

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  5. Hope you’re feeling better, and probably best to avoid this film as your temperature will go through the roof.

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