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Addicted to Meg?

The 3rd Annual Meg Ryan Birthday Blogathon is just hours away, if you are participating please let me know in the comments…Meg’s movie time may have passed but in the 1990s; oh the joy she brought. In Joe Versus the Volcano, Prelude to A Kiss, Flesh and Bone, When a Man Loves a Woman, Addicted to Love; there was just no touching this woman for elevating a film with humour, genuine warmth, depth, great hair and dazzling kisses.Gamine, sexy, vulnerable and endlessly entertaining, Meg and her smile captured my fool heart. There will never be another Meg Ryan. She’s unrepeatable. Her blazing talent has been a gift that has kept on giving.Since there won’t be another, it’s best to appreciate the one we have now, while we’re all still around and kicking. I am hopeful the blogathon will provide a fun celebration of Meg’s career, and maybe you’ll discover a new blogger or two who you’ll fall for. Come back tomorrow, November 19th for the full list of posts.



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