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Into the Night With La Pfeiffer

Given Michelle Pfeiffer’s status as first lady of this site, I feel duty bound to remind all and sundry that The Pfeiffer Blogathon is just two weeks away. Let me know if you would like to join me in worship at the altar of La Pfeiffer.I was actually planning to review Into the Night and post an essay today, but life gets in the way. I haven’t got anything, except incoherent Pfeiffer thoughts. I suppose even the staunchest pfan dips in and out of this particular malaise.What I would’ve said, if I was disciplined enough to produce a review, is: anyone who caught Michelle in Into the Night would have known she was destined to be our Lauren Bacall. Hollywood’s Hawksian Woman for the ’90s. It was inevitable. Michelle’s voice is a wonderful riff on Bacall’s playful huskiness. Like Lauren, she knew how to smoke a cigarette and how to whistle. She was more beautiful than Bogart’s muse. The camera loved her, and she loved how the camera loved her.Stardust bursts from the screen every time Pfeiffer casts her eyes hither and thither. Blink, blink, burst, burst. A firework display of finesse with every glance.
After countless viewings of her work Michelle is still the one who inspires, intrigues and beguiles me. It’s those eyes. Those lips. The face. Was the camera as comfortable in close-up with anyone before, during, or since?



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