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Pfeiffer the Face backing B.B. King: America’s Sweetheart Gets the Blues

In preparation for Michelle’s birthday blogathon I’ve been marinating in all things Pfeiffer recently; an inaugural viewing of To Gillian on her 37th Birthday, a dip into The Deep End of the Ocean, a ride through the extras on my DVD of Into the Night. Oh joy of joys, Michelle on the saxophone, backing B.B. King!As I sat in awe of this unexpected find, my computer went into its power saving mode, which features a gallery of movie-oriented photographs. Meg, Michelle, Malick et al. I watched for a while, as I sometimes do, as the screensaver scrolled through captures of the movie stars and moments that have inspired my life.Time ticked by. Then lo and behold a lucid pfantasy loomed large. La Pfeiffer alongside Meg, their baby blues staring straight into my soul, as though they were engaged in a face off for my favour. I did try to lock eyes with Ryan but the forces Pfeiffer unleashed were powerful, maybe too powerful for this viewer. 
Esteemed cinematographer William Daniels, once remarked that Greta Garbo “had no bad angles.” The same could be said of Michelle. She’s the celestial being who touched down on terra firma to inflame my desire and steal my heart. Pfeiffer the Face™, the only star with the power to eclipse America’s Sweetheart!



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