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Meg, Michelle and Friends: Eight Shots

 Pfeiffer and Ryan captured conjointly. Any photographic pfavourites?

Meg&Michelle_0 (2)Shoulder to shoulder, smoulder to smoulder.

Poise Pout (2)Pose, pout and polka dots!

Meg Michelle and DennisLupine love triangle?

When Selina and Bruce met Sally..When Sally met Bruce and Selina…

Meg Michelle and KurtMaggie’s make out stake out.

Swooney Clooney Looney over swooney Clooney!

Beaches (2)Ball gowns on the beach.

 A kiss can be deadly!


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The Question

A simple question on a lazy Sunday.

Love Amongst the Sleep Deprived (Pfeiffer)Michelle Pfeiffer

10 sample films:
Dangerous Liaisons
Married to the Mob
The Fabulous Baker Boys
Frankie and Johnny
Batman Returns
The Age of Innocence
One Fine Day
What Lies Beneath
White Oleander


Maggie...Those Eyes AgainMeg Ryan

10 sample films:
When Harry Met Sally…
Joe Versus the Volcano
Prelude to a Kiss
Sleepless in Seattle
Flesh and Bone
When a Man Loves a Woman
Addicted to Love
You’ve Got Mail
Kate and Leopold
In the Cut

I can’t decide either way, but which body of work do you prefer?


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