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Susie, Jack, and the Christmas Eve Coffee That Never Was

Lovely post, pfabulous scene. Merry Christmas pfans!

The Starfire Lounge

This Christmas Eve my mind wanders to past December 24th. It was the late eighties in Seattle. Musician Jack Baker (Jeff Bridges) had just asked singer Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer) out for coffee after the two of them played a Christmas Eve gig with Jack’s older brother Frank (Beau Bridges). Strictly business partners up to this point, it was still obvious Susie and Jack had some simmering attraction going on just under the surface. This was Jack’s first, tentative attempt at making this explicit. For an otherwise curmudgeonly soul, it was a bold move. Sure, it was just after hours coffee, but opening your heart to someone has to start somewhere, right? Susie, in standard self-protection mode, deflected the invite with her usual instinctive flair for sarcasm. Jack is already emotionally stunted and takes this as his queue to pull back and act like it’s no big deal, although it’s…

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