Meg, Michelle, Cary Grant and James Stewart: A Pfeiffer Philadelphia Story?

Sometimes, if you’re a film fan, you just suddenly find yourself in recasting mode. It comes with the territory. You’re watching a film, yet something in you imagines the whole thing with other favourite performers onboard. You play out the film in your head till finally your (recast) version’s as real as the actual one.Having watched so many classic era comedies recently I’ve started to see the same swiftness of pace and sharp dialogue in One Fine Day. I can easily see Cary Grant for Clooney, Katharine Hepburn or Myrna Loy for Pfeiffer in this one.While we’re in Grant and Hepburn territory, might as well deal with The Philadelphia Story. In the sisterhood of sublime Screwball Women, Katharine Hepburn occupies a place of honour. Her name looms large and luminous over this film, but at her best and most beguiling, Meg Ryan would have been the natural, inescapable choice to cast a spell on Cary Grant and James Stewart.Trumping that theory is Michelle Pfeiffer. As a gorgeous, hilarious throwback to the shimmering screwball queens of yore, she could have been an even sweeter proposition for the role of Tracy Lord. laugh-wise; looks-wise or talent-wise.It’s a game of Sophie’s Choice. It makes me dizzy. Jimmy Stewart wowed by Meg in the full Indian summer of her beauty, or Cary Grant flirting with Pfeiffer? Either scenario would be mind-blowing. Ridiculous. Sexy. Ridiculously sexy.



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