When a Man Loves a Woman vs Wolf

It’s often said that the best year for films in the 90s was 1994. From Ace Ventura: Pet Detective to True Lies, there was something memorable about so many of them. People still lament that The Shawshank Redemption lost to Forrest Gump. 1994 was also the year of When a Man Loves a Woman and Wolf.In When a Man Loves a Woman Meg Ryan was absolutely devastating in her role as an alcoholic wife and mother. It’s the sort of part Michelle Pfeiffer had a monopoly on in the 90s, so kudos to Meg for out-Pfeiffering Pfeiffer for once.Wolf was released 25 years ago today. After The Witches Of Eastwick I couldn’t wait for the reunion of Michelle and Jack Nicholson. The juxtaposition of Pfeiffer’s haughty, hostile character here with sweet, innocent Sukie Ridgemont in Witches is a testimony to her talent, it’s also a little bit mind blowing. Although 7 years separated Wolf from The Witches of Eastwick Michelle really doesn’t look like the same person. La Pfeiffer gives the film a lot of glamour as the love interest, at the end, after her character has been bitten by a werewolf and her die is cast, she even throws yellow contacts over her famous baby blues.Just watching Wolf again for this post with an emphasis on Pfeiffer as Laura Alden, I was struck by the soulful feel of depth and intelligence in Michelle’s allure.There’s something in Pfeiffer’s face, in her eyes, that I just can’t ignore.In an ideal world Michelle would have received a best actress nomination for Wolf, alongside Meg Ryan for her genius work in When a Man Loves a Woman. If anyone knows of a portal into an alternate universe where that version of The 1994 Academy Awards played out I’d love to go back and see who wins.



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