I’m Missing Maggie, Mint Juleps, Motivation and My Girl Friday

So, recently, you may have noticed I’ve had nothing to say. I’ve been bobbing around the waters of WordPress, it’s just that words continue to fail me. I’m fried. tired, flattened… waiting for something to spin in my head or my heart.
So now I’m sitting in a bathysphere… my eyes are closed and I’m dreaming, diving into the depths. To a cinematic screwball sea world, where gorgeous, witty Maggie and haughty Melanie Parker meet to slug bourbon and argue circles around Jack Taylor and each other. Where Cool Hand Luke plays The Cincinnati Kid at five card stud. Where Jack Baker plays piano for┬áSlim Browning and Susie Diamond, all under the watchful eye of Howard Hawks and Billy Wilder.After I’ve visited my own dreamland and taken a few days to revive and refuel, I’ll be back, to announce The Addicted to Screwball Blogathon… The spirit of Maggie and Screwball Comedy is still alive, I tell you, it’s still alive!!


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