Blogathons, Blondes and the Most Beautiful Eyes Ever Photographed?

Tonight I’m ruminating over running a Meg Ryan Blogathon on her birthday in November. A dose of Maggie may be better late than never, as I’ve spent far too much time recently staring intently into the eyes of Michelle Pfeiffer in Wolf.If you’ve ever read any of my posts you’ll know I’m a Pfeiffer pfanatic. My admiration for this legendary beauty and her work has been a huge part of my life. I still find Pfeiffer films the best way to get away from everything.Catching The Fabulous Baker Boys on the BBC one Christmas was the start of my pfixation, then along came Meg Ryan, and things got more complicated. Boasting a smile that could out-twinkle La Pfeiffer’s, it was a toss up for me whether Meg or Michelle had the most beautiful eyes ever photographed.This battle of the baby blues drove me doolally for a decade. While others suffered by comparison to Michelle, Ryan proved be the pixie-ish, sparkling exception. Every Meg movie was an event, an occasion to cherish and savour.So would anyone like to help me celebrate Meg’s birthday on November 19th? As always there’ll be no strings or obligations, just shared affection for my favourite blonde. Please leave  me a comment if you’ve got any thoughts, interest, ideas.



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