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Every Day is Groundhog Day at Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies

I’ve been thinking recently, about this place and what I’m doing here. Every time I post it’s the same. I wonder what people will think. I imagine the few who do still care will roll their eyes, thinking: “oh please, not Addicted to Love again!”As penance I display this picture of Maggie from said film. Yes, Meg Ryan really did look like this. For all of you doubters out there, this is why I became smitten with her. Not this movie. This face. Trying to describe in words why I find this image so dreamy is like trying to explain a calculus equation to a five year old. Is it the baby blues? The button nose? Is it what she’s doing with her mouth? Those puckered up, pouting lips were luscious, and how Meg played on her kissability.
Before the botox, the bad career moves, and the divorce from Dennis, Meg Ryan was a most gorgeous and talented movie actress. They were very good years.


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