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Addicted to Love and One Fine Day Play Any Which Way on Planes Trains and Automobiles on Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day seems an appropriate time to revisit Addicted to Love and One Fine Day. Over 1800 days since I first posted about my twin fixations they’ve become like two sides of the same coin I keep flipping over and over again.I actually watched Addicted to Love and One Fine Day on a train earlier today. I’ve watched them in a car, several planes, in hotels, sitting by a campfire, in the snow, and by a lake. On the TV, my portable DVD player, the big screen. With sound and without. With subtitles and without. With commentary and without…Watching my favorite movies playing next to each other for the umpteenth time I was distracted by the thought that maybe both these films take place in the same universe, at the same time, and all these characters are just barely missing meeting one another and perhaps helpingĀ to move each other’s plots along.Like the universe from The Last Action Hero, thoughts of Maggie juxtaposed with Melanie Parker and Jack Taylor just swirl around in my grey matter. Meg Ryan’s bitchy asides and cartoon cattiness would have wreaked havoc.Anyway, it’s going to be a month of Maggie and Melanie. This ought to be fun. Does anyone want to join me in a viewing of Addicted to Love or One Fine Day?



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