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In the Cut (2003)

In the first of a series of guest posts I’m delighted to welcome the wonderful Reut, author of Sweet Archive, with a review of In the Cut.in-the-cut-movie-poster1

In the Cut was a perfect choice for a film to review. I didn’t really plan on reviewing it, but it was showing on TV and I thought that’s a sign. Paul loves Meg Ryan, I love Meg Ryan and I have never seen this one, so there you go!
It was actually the first time I watched In the Cut from start to finish. Somehow I always imagined it to be too erotic for me. It was erotic, but tasteful erotic not porn erotic.


Meg Ryan is Frannie Avery, a writer & English teacher who’s caught up in a series of horrendous murders, when in the midst of a lustful relationship with the policeman who’s investigating them, played by one cute and sexy Mark Ruffalo.

inthecutMy Thoughts

Meg Ryan’s totally playing against her usual cinematic type. Her apathetic attitude, mellow intonation, and sexual femininity cultivate a new Meg Ryan leaving a relic of the usual one. She’s a teacher who collects poetry as a hobby, slightly nerdy looking, equipped with a mousy hair and a serious glance, wearing pale pastel outfits and sandals, and still oozing sexuality. Somehow. She seems innocent at first, you can sense this woman has a fair share of dark secrets in stored. I liked experiencing this side of Meg Ryan. I found her role to be flattering and refreshing.In the Cut (2003)Nicole Kidman, who also produced this film alongside Jane Campion, the director, was supposed to take the lead as Frannie. She couldn’t eventually due to her rough divorce and her wanting to spend more time with her children.
Mark Ruffalo, ahhh… loved him! He’s character, detective Malloy, is completely blunt and straight forward. He’s invigorating. At times I thought he was way too rude for my taste, but as I kept watching he turned out to be quite dreamy and romantic. It was difficult for me to imagine Ruffalo playing a shallow asshole, and even when he dirty talks it sounds so honest and cute. What can I tell ya, I’m a sucker for Mark Ruffalo.inthecut3Ryan and Ruffalo are accompanied by two other great actors, Jennifer Jason Leigh’s playing Frannie’s sweet and slightly ditsy sister, Pauline, and Kevin Bacon, who wasn’t even mentioned on IMDb, is playing Ryan’s obsessive ex-lover. Both are fantastic and add value to the film.inthecut71The plot itself was a little less than what I’ve expected. There’s a serial killer who strangles young women and decapitates them… yada yada yada. This story’s too familiar and the whole beating around the bush to discover who the killer is, is daunting. It’s really the sidekick of the plot and not the main issue… and really, who cares? Seeing as the cast was so great, I let it slide. In the Cut is a thriller poorly executed… as a thriller. It could really ace as a romance as Ryan and Ruffalo have great chemistry on screen and it shows throughout the film.inthecut6As I see it, the film dealt more with feminine survival in a male dominant and aggressive environment. It contains its fair share of sexist insinuations, whether it’s showcased in the murders scenes or in Frannie and Malloy’s intense affair. The overall attitude towards women in the film is demeaning and insulting, yet somehow intriguing. It got me to keep watching to see what eventually happens.
I’d say that In the Cut is worth watching merely for Ryan’s refreshing performance and intense romance that grows stronger between her and hot Mark Ruffalo. Meg Ryan, you go girl!



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