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Meg Maturing, La Pfeiffer Enduring: Kate & Leopold and The Story of Us

Kate & Leopold and The Story of Us. On paper, an inspired romantic pairing featuring the combined talents of Michelle Pfeiffer, Rob Reiner, Bruce Willis, Rita Wilson, Hugh Jackman and Meg Ryan. I know, I’m utterly predictable, but it is a bank holiday and I do owe this place a post, so… let’s rumble.A throwback to the classic romantic comedies of Hollywood’s past, Kate & Leopold is decline-period Meg Ryan. It’s also fabulous, utterly charming, if preposterous, entertainment.It’s no secret I prefer early, risk-taking Meg, especially in her more complicated and stranger movies like Joe Versus the Volcano, Prelude to a Kiss and Addicted to Love. So I’m happy I can now add this time travel love affair to the list.The Story of Us struck me as a thinly veiled sequel to When Harry Met Sally… Same director, with Pfeiffer subbing for Ryan, Willis for Billy Crystal. The plot is simple, a married couple try a temporary separation, then proceed to dissect their marriage with the obligatory Ephron-esque dialogue and flashbacks.Beyond a name, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Katie has little in common with Meg Ryan’s Kate. Although they were only a year apart in age when they made these films, Ryan was still playing a variation of the spirited single girl next door, while Pfeiffer had long since matured into the milieu of motherhood.By now I’ve got used to the contrasting late 90’s career trajectories of my twin cinematic obsessions. Michelle still the preeminent blonde in the movies; Meg trying to stay relevant, gamely leaving behind her trademark romantic comedies for grittier, more Pfeiffer-esque projects like Against the Ropes and In the Cut.Ryan had given me a decade of pure, sweet, cinematic bliss. Watching her final fling in Kate & Leopold left me wishing I could find a portal to take me back to enjoy those days all over again. Meg has changed and so must I. Stay with me.



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