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Meg and Michelle Made in Milan (1990)

Whenever I think I’m done with this place, something always draws me back in. Searching Getty images last night I was surprised to discover some hitherto unseen, by me, images of Meg and Michelle, attending the 1990 premiere of Martin Scorsese’s Made in Milan. Meg was accompanied by her husband-to-be Dennis Quaid, Michelle and Fisher Stevens were still very much an item.Ever the goddess, all eyes are on Michelle as she enters the auditorium. Meg is just visible, behind Fisher Stevens to the right, Lauren Hutton is sat to the left. Once seated, Meg seems to be craning her neck to take a look at La Pfeiffer. It may be my imagination, but Michelle seems to be returning her gaze. Or maybe she’s eyeballing Dennis? Giorgio Armani seems oblivious to either of them.The paparazzi seem fixated on Michelle, their lenses lingering on La Pfeiffer and her legendary legs. Just five seats down the row, poor Meg isn’t getting a look in. Director Scorsese finally makes an appearance, sat between Giorgio Armani and Anjelica Huston. Pfeiffer’s still front and centre, Meg’s been pushed even further to the edge of the frame. Fisher and Michelle look bored with proceedings.At the after screening dinner party, Ryan rocked a black dress, her blonde tresses tumbling down her back. I couldn’t find any photographs of Meg schmoozing with Michelle at this event, if they had crossed paths I wonder what they would have talked about? Mutual admiration for their work in When Harry Met Sally… and The Fabulous Baker Boys? Prospects for their forthcoming projects, Joe Versus the Volcano and The Russia House? I just wish I could have been there.


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