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From One Hundred to One

My post From Love Field to the Stardust Motel started slowly. It had a few likes, but no comments and I was convinced, as I nearly always am, that people don’t like, or are bored with what I’m writing. My immediate reaction was to delete the post. And then there were a couple of interesting comments…The comments are the heart of this place. I care about them deeply, I love it when people share their thoughts and ideas here. Maybe I care too much. You can become addicted to comments, you can become addicted to anything.Looking back over my posts last night: some struck a chord. Some I was happy to delete. My most popular post Love Amongst the Sleep Deprived generated over a hundred comments, today it would probably struggle to achieve one.
If after 5,000 words I haven’t totally exhausted everything I could possibly have to say about Addicted to Love and One Fine Day, you’ve got to agree I certainly ran out of useful or interesting things to say a long time ago. There’s the rub.One Fine Day is every bit the Grant-Hepburn charmer it sets out to be. I only wish Pfeiffer had made more films in this vein. Sandwiched between To Gillian on her 37th Birthday and A Thousand Acres it was fun to watch her super-mom Melanie let her hair down, strip down to her bra and take a pratfall or two.
For all its obvious attempts to redo the classic screwball comedies, One Fine Day is not quite Addicted to Love, which delved surprisingly deeply into the sadness of its characters, to find romantic gold, but not many films from this era are comparable to Meg Ryan’s radically bizarre and angry twist on French Kiss.I’m sure, there are people who think these posts are lame, an onslaught of pseudo-intellectual musing over who had more meet cute magnetism, but I’d rather believe in the synchronicity of screwball serendipity. The fact that I’m still writing these humble posts, and you are here reading and talking is amazing. Like Jack and Melanie, Maggie and Sam. We were destined to meet each other!



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