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A Trip Back in Time

The ghosts of the past still haunt Fartown, the spiritual home of Huddersfield R.L.F.C. It was here “The Team of all Talents’ won Rugby League’s mythical all four cups, whilst on the other side of the grandstand Yorkshire played cricket.The Spaines Road entrance to the site features a clock tower, erected as a memorial to cricketers, Schofield Haigh, George Hirst and Wilfred Rhodes.After Huddersfield left Fartown in 1992, the stands and terraces were demolished, and left to nature. All that survives are the metal railings, the floodlights and the pitch, marked ready for use by amateur team St. Josephs. As a lover of Rugby League history, I was amazed and delighted to find this place still survives, just a twenty minute train ride away. Sadly, most of the traditional Rugby League venues on my side of the Pennines are now housing estates.


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