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1989: When Susie Met Sally…

1989. The Berlin Wall came down, thousands of students occupied Tiananmen Square, Driving Miss Daisy dominated the Oscar nominations, The Bangles lit an Eternal Flame, and my girl Meg Ryan struck it rich, with a breakthrough role in a smart, contemporary romantic comedy that felt refreshingly old school.When Harry Met Sally… didn’t win any of the five Golden Globes it was nominated for. Meg Ryan lost to Jessica Tandy and wasn’t even nominated by the Academy… can you believe it? So here’s a picture of the only actress that could/should have gone head-to-head with Ryan for best actress of ’89.In this particular instance Meg gets my vote, but Michelle’s sultry torch singer from The Fabulous Baker Boys was Pfeiffercalifragilisticexpialodocious, and the sound of Susie’s voice was far from atrocious. I’m sure if the envelope had been opened to reveal Ryan as the Oscar winner I would now be typing this from heaven, as I surely would have died and gone there. Oh Sally, it had to be you!


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