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Howl at the Moon

I don’t know how he does it, but every time I feel thoroughly bored with the blogosphere, my friend Michael always pulls me back in. In his latest post at The Starfire Lounge he ups the ante of Pfeiffer pfandom yet again as he waxes lyrical over Michelle’s performance (and hair) in Wolf. Pfeiffer is smoking hot in Wolf, and her hair? Oh, it’s definitely in “the upper echelon of championship hair roles.” So head over and share in the pfixation. Just beware the moon and the Pfeiffer imagery. It’s absolutely hypnotic!

The Starfire Lounge

The year’s biggest supermoon is illuminating the night sky this week. So of course my mind conjures thoughts of the glorious Jack Nicholson-Michelle Pfeiffer collaboration, Mike Nichol’s howlin’ at the moon look at a midlife crisis, Wolf (1994). I’m picturing a hirsute Jack making jokes about the Hair Club for Men, and a flawless Michelle as the film’s hero, delivering one cutting remark after another and generally being as cool as any character she’s ever played.

Wolf one of my very pfavorite Pfeiffer pfilms, one that I typically watch annually (if not biannually), so I’ve written at length about it plenty over the years, including right here, last November. Because I’ve already said so much about the movie, I’ll just share a few reasons I love it.

One of my most vivid memories of seeing this in the theater in 1994—besides the one where my friend fell asleep next…

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