Badlands (1973)

It’s hard to find words to do justice to Terrence Malick’s directorial début. I’ll let the images of no less than three credited cinematographers speak for themselves.


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17 responses to “Badlands (1973)

  1. Stunning film. Wonderful stills.

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  2. I sure love the shot of the full moon. Marvelous!

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  3. Haven’t heard of this one, but wow those images really are amazing! Thanks for sharing these!😀

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  4. Saw this film years ago and those photos are wonderful Paul. I love these posts and thanks for sharing these.

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  5. Great post and I love your selected pictures from Badlands that you used for this entry 🙂 We are not only treated to beautiful scenery of the film and it’s time period (the late 1950’s), but we also get to look at some of the lead actors/actresses of the film – Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek and last, but not least, Warren Oates 🙂 I also believe (and Alex Cox pointed this out too) that it’s own director Terence Malick has a cameo appearance 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always Paul 🙂

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  6. A beautiful film and one that stuck with me long after it was over.

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  7. It had the same effect on me.


  8. A haunting and unforgettable film. Every shot is like a work of art.

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  9. Great movie but it’s been so long –

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