1989: When Susie Met Sally…

1989. The Berlin Wall came down, thousands of students occupied Tiananmen Square, Driving Miss Daisy dominated the Oscar nominations, The Bangles lit an Eternal Flame, and my girl Meg Ryan struck it rich, with a breakthrough role in a smart, contemporary romantic comedy that felt refreshingly old school.When Harry Met Sally… didn’t win any of the five Golden Globes it was nominated for. Meg Ryan lost to Jessica Tandy and wasn’t even nominated by the Academy… can you believe it? So here’s a picture of the only actress that could/ or maybe should have beaten Meg for best actress of ’89.In this particular instance Meg gets my vote, but Michelle’s sultry torch singer from The Fabulous Baker Boys was Pfeiffercalifragilisticexpialodocious, and the sound of Susie’s voice was far from atrocious. I’m sure if the envelope had been opened to reveal Ryan as the Oscar winner I would now be typing this from heaven, as I surely would have died and gone there. Oh Sally, it had to be you!



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16 responses to “1989: When Susie Met Sally…

  1. Definitely one of the most memorable scenes from Meg’s past😂😂 Ridiculous that it didn’t get any Golden Globes. Crazy how things can go sometimes😔

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  2. That’s crazy that they both starred in what is probably one of their most iconic roles in the same year.

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  3. Halcyon days. Another world!

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  4. I’ve seen When Harry Met Sally of course but I did not know The Fab Baker Boys, and that’s outrageous ’cause I love musicals! I need to see it immediately! I’ve seen Michelle in Grease 2, the movie was bad but she was great.

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  5. Well these two paragraphs, are two of the finest paragraphs that have ever been composed, anywhere, about film. In an age of so many internet words, I’m in awe of what you managed to capture with so few!
    Please keep a copy of this somewhere to share with future writers who look back to one of the greatest film eras and try to analyze something that won’t be there years from now.
    And for the record, it’s close, but I’ll gently disagree even though the choice is so difficult, I’d give the edge to Susie Diamond every time. Sally was and is iconic, no question. Sally functions at a high level as part of a monumentally talented ensemble. Which is noble in and of itself!
    Susie goes beyond that, in my opinion anyway, as a true catalyst who changes everything around her while remaining unchanged herself, and maintaining integrity – maybe not in a totally traditional sense, but in a true to character sense, and the result is a transformation of the 3 principals that I don’t believe has ever been equaled on film.
    Thanks for this absolute gem of a post Paul!!

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  6. Pfeiffer and Ryan in two of their most iconic roles 🙂 Love the photos as well 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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  8. You prompted me re-watch for a hundredth time When Harry Met Sally, and I have to say, the film didn’t age at all, still as good as I remember….

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