Pfirst Lady of Screwball Vs Manic Pixie Dream Girl!

I might have mentioned before that I love many of Howard Hawks’ movies. The man made so many great films, in so many different genres, that it’s always a thrill to find a Hawks’ film underneath the tree on Christmas morning.Watching Bringing up Baby yesterday I couldn’t help but dream of Michelle Pfeiffer starring in a 1990’s reworking of this screwball classic. In One Fine Day Michelle recalled the urbane hauteur of Katharine Hepburn, as she turned her prickly single mother into a blooming romantic lead. Eventually being swept off her feet by George Clooney’s Jack, in the shadow of The Angel of the Waters.Pfeiffer would have been First Lady of 90’s Screwball, if Meg Ryan hadn’t been around. In Addicted to Love Meg played Maggie with manic intensity, delivering lines with the slapstick rhythm of Carole Lombard. More than a Manic Pixie Dream Girl personified, Meg was gorgeous and bursting with star quality, her performance harking back to the halcyon days of the Hawksian Woman.Whenever I pair Meg & Michelle in one of my fantasy casting conundrums, I always think of a film studies lecturer I liked. We were once talking about Howard Hawks and he said whenever he was asked “Who was greater, Hawks or Hitchcock?” he always replied, “Why choose, when you can have both of them?”



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4 responses to “Pfirst Lady of Screwball Vs Manic Pixie Dream Girl!

  1. The Hawksian Woman! That is a real test of their bona fides!

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  2. I am also a huge Hawks fan, and a fan of great screwball dames. Carole Lombard and Barbara Stanwyck are tops for me in that department.

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  3. This lecturer would obviously agree with your blog premise with two leading ladies… As he said “why choose…”

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